Ways To Make A Facebook Fan Page Work For You

Make A Facebook Fan Page

Make a Facebook Fan PageFacebook is the most important social network of our time. It’s been going strong since 2004 As of March, 2013, Facebook has 1.11 billion users – or approximately one out of every six people on the planet. With numbers like this, it is almost assured that your business customers are on Facebook and that you should be, as well. This does not mean that I think Facebook is the best social network for every business, but it is certainly an excellent source of customers. Here are some of the basics on how you can attract people to your Facebook page and get them to engage your business.



While you may own a plumbing or HVAC business, getting people to come to your Facebook Fan Page might prove to be difficult. Frankly, your business is actually pretty boring. One ice cream stand is pretty much like the next. The people who initially sign up for your page are probably friends and family members and already know your business. The key is to get other people – who have never shopped with your company – to become involved in what you are selling. So what do you do to generate interest? Why not try something that they may like OTHER than your business?

[gn_quote style=”3″]For example: You are an attorney who works with divorce cases. The topic can be pretty boring, right? You put up a Facebook page and the next thing you know you have nine people who have liked your page. Of those nine people, you have yourself, your wife, and your mom. The other six people are clients of yours. No one’s really going to go to your page unless you make it interesting. So you start posting videos of wives who go postal on their cheating husbands. You get people to share their stories so your fans realize that their own problems aren’t as screwed up as what other people are going through. You make the site…fun.[/gn_quote]

Ways To Make A Facebook Fan Page Work For You


One way to get people interested in your business is to talk about it. For the same reason people join business networking groups are the same reason businesses write on Facebook. They utilize it as a soapbox to tell others about their business and how they can benefit from their services. Understanding this is important. You can attract more customers by making a connection between what you do and what the Facebook reader sees. Are you afraid of writing an article? Then create a “Meme”. This is just simply an image with some text on it. Typically, it is humorous and gets people to look at it. Why are memes important? Think of them the same way people read the comics in the newspaper. They are there to get a point across, entertain the reader, and let them get to the point quickly. If you are lucky, they will hopefully lead your reader to participate in the next step…

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