U.S. Socialist Programs That Must Be Stopped At All Costs

americansocialismThere has been a lot of talk about the proposed healthcare plan in recent months.  Protesters are shouting down supporters of the healthcare plan at Town Hall meetings, images of national healthcare advocates have been burned in effigy, cries of socialism echo through the Nation and Godwin’s Law has been evoked. *  Where does it all end?  Are we wrong for thinking that a socialist program would work or is this residue from the Cold War that still lingers?  Here are five socialist programs that we should probably cut if we don’t want to fall to the Red Threat.


*see this post for a definition of Godwin’s Law.


So, let’s start getting rid of all socialist programs in the United States.  If the healthcare plan is going to tip us over to Communism or Nazism, then we should most certainly cleanse ourselves from all Socialism.  But where should we start?  How about…


number1Social Security.  This is an easy one.  It has “social” right in the name.  It wasn’t even hiding.  The government has really done a good job on this one.  They’ve totally taken away our free will, taxed us to death on this – then told us we need to cancel this Red program because we can’t support it.  Yet it still marches on…I know you are saying, “Now wait a minute. Social Security is a good thing.  I’ll get money every month through Social Security when I retire.”  Lies!  It is the Red Threat!  Let’s not forget what also falls under this evil government plan: Medicare, Medicaid, and Disability Insurance, and Unemployment!  Let’s get rid of all of it and make ourselves free!


number2The United States Library System.  This is something we really need to get rid of.  Do you realize that the books in your local library are…FREE?  That’s right, anyone, regardless of gender, race, or creed can just walk into this building, find a book, CD, DVD, or newspaper and read it for free!  Who pays for this?  We all do through backbreaking Socialist taxation.  My town library even gives free meeting rooms to freeloaders who want gather and promote learning.  How did we let our founding fathers let this socialist program slide by?  What was Thomas Jefferson thinking when he helped to found the Library of Congress.  Well, he was a Democrat…


number4The Public School System.  Speaking of learning, did you realize our public school system is a little Red?  When you hear the word “public” – like in public electricity, public waterworks, and public sanitation, you always have to be wary.  “Public” is a euphemism for “Socialist”.  We pay our precious tax dollars and they let just any child in there to suck off the knowledge of an educated teacher who spent years of their hard-earned dollars choosing the best capitalistic college.  Why should the schools be able to influence young minds by teaching them that you can get anything you want for free?  The next thing you know, they will be teaching those kids to think for themselves and that just starts trouble.  Again, what were our founding father’s thinking?


number5The Post Office.  You can take a letter, put a stamp on it, and it is literally carried on the backs of the lowly postal worker (read this as proletariat) for the benefit of the masses. Oh, this has got to stop. These non-assuming “postal workers” are agents of the Socialist government who have hired them to deliver your mail to you.  But let’s face it.  This is a not just for your communication purposes.  This is part of the giant propaganda machine that the Socialists want us to cow to!  Every election, they try to brainwash us with their “Vote for this candidate” and “No, that candidate is bad.”  Who needs the post office anyway?  They finally are collapsing under the good, capitalistic freedoms of the internet.  This office will be going the way of Social(ist) Security.  Hello! Ben Franklin???  Did you get too much electricity before you decided to be our first Postmaster General (it even sounds Commie, doesn’t it?)???



number5Fire, Police, and Rescue Departments.  Back in the old days, if you were worried about protection from ruffians or fire, you hired someone to protect your house and property.  In a free market, you should still have the opportunity to protect your life and the lives of your family with the cheapest bidder.  Unfortunately, we live is a society that says the people, as a whole, have to pay for these luxuries.  You’re paying for fire protection, why should your freeloading neighbor have to reap your benefits if they can’t pay the same? And you know they can hear you since you share a wall in your apartment.  Let their stuff burn!  Back to the subject, though, these services should have competition and should vie for us to be their customer.



So there you have it.  Five evil, socialist programs that are living well in the United States.  If some people would have their way, we’d add a healthcare program onto this list (in addition to that “old-people-that-don’t-work-anymore” bit of Socialism, known as Medicare).  Why are these available when we clearly are a free market country?  Jump in and share your views.


*Godwin’s Law (also known as “Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies”) states that the longer that any group discussion continues, the greater the chance that someone will resort to comparing the other party to a Nazi or Hitler.  This has been an adage on the internet since 1990.