Top World Of Warcraft Vacation Spots

World of WarcraftHere is another post from fellow blogger, Niki Casselberry, who writes a great recipe blog for gaming geeks called, The Gamer’s Fridge ( The Gamer’s Fridge has a lot of inspiring recipes from fantasy computer games, such as World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings. Niki makes the food found in those games (such as Crispy Bat Wings and Bread of the Dead) and shows you how to prepare it for your own families.

In today’s post, she shows us some of the most scenic spots in the World of Warcraft. The Shattering has ripped Azeroth apart forever. Deathwing’s arrival has struck fear into the hearts of heroes. In the past, WoW players loved to go to old Ironforge, Wonderland & the Airport. With Cataclysm upon us those places are now accessible through quests and with a flying mount. Here are five old and new places every Warcraft player should visit before heading off to battle.


There are many other hidden media Easter eggs throughout the World of Warcraft. Some have meaning and some are just to be silly. There are references to pop culture, politics, movies, music, video games and several memorials to real life people.