To Go To Hell – Literally

Go to hell - literally

Go To HellHave you ever told someone to “go to Hell“?  When you stated that, you probably didn’t mean it in the literal sense.  For centuries, people have believed that the way to Hell is under your feet.  However, did you know that some people actually believe there is a Hell that you can get to by airplane, car, or bus?  It may not be the ideal vacation spot for most of us, but if you are looking for a unique spot, it beats the hell out of going to Hell, Michigan.  There are places all over the earth that people consider to be entrances into the worst place that religion can imagine and now you can go there, too.

The coordinates are included with each location so you can find them on Google Earth or consult with your travel agent. Have a fun time and go to Hell!






This giant crack in the earth can be found in Nicaragua.  It’s a volcano known as “Masaya” and appears to be the Hell stated in the book of Revelation.  It is a hole with a burning chasm in it that continuously smokes and smells of sulfur.  Today, it is marked with a cross that was placed there about 500 years ago.  The land is scorched and broken with piles of volcanic rubble all around it.  The Masaya complex is one of the earth’s most accessible volcanic craters – and one of the most active.  Protected as a national park, its lava pool is one of only four in the world that has a constant level  of lava.  It doesn’t shrink and it doesn’t grow.  It just stays there and hasn’t erupted since 4550BC (6561 years ago).
Location:  11° 58′ 58″ N, 86° 9′ 43″ W

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In ancient Greece, they believed that you could go to Hades (their name for Hell) and travel into Hell.  The place is located in Southern Greece (or Peloponnese) known as Taenarum or Cape Matapan.  This is just Northwest of modern Crete.  Here, you can find a series of caves that the Ancient Greeks believed to be the entrance to the home of Hades.  The Spartans built several temples to Hades, who was the brother of Zeus and the god of the Underworld, at this spot.  Ironically, it is near the site of Mount Helmos and can be reached via boat or motorized vehicle.
Location:  36° 23′ 6″ N, 22° 28′ 58″ E




This Mayan Hell is in the country of Belize and is called, Xibalba (pronounced Shi-ball’-ba) and translated into “The Place of Fear“.  During the times of the Mayan empire, it was the entrance to the underworld by the Mayan Death gods.  According to the Mayans, it was ruled by 12 lords who were gods and demons.  It is a place where  ancient people sacrificed others.    There are stalagmites and stalactites within the cave, including water dangers and other natural traps.  Different rooms within the cave complex are places known as “The House of Knives” and “The House of Fire”.
Location: 15° 29′ 0″ N, 90° 22′ 0″ W




Along the southern coast of Iceland is the volcano, known as Hekla.  It is here that the volcano has erupted on several occasions throughout history.  When the lava meets with the ice, a phenomenon of superheated water causes loud and hideous sounds to emanate through the area.  It was this that people thought were the damned to be dragged into the pit of Hell.  The volcano is extremely active and has been the spot of several UFO sitings, as well.
Location: 63° 59′ 0″ N, 19° 42′ 0″ W




In Ireland, on an island in the middle of a Loch Derg (a lake), in County Donegal, is a cave that St. Patrick of Ireland believed was shown to him by Jesus Christ.  It is a place of pilgrimage, known as St. Patrick’s Purgatory.  It is said that if you travel to the island three times in your life, you can avoid going to Hell.  According to legend, St. Patrick was having a problem getting converts in Ireland, so he prayed to Jesus and was given the vision of this gate to Hell.  It’s been a popular pilgrim spot since the Middle Ages. Today, there is a church at the location and a bell tower.  However, if you go there, you won’t find the cave.  It was sealed up in the 1600s and the bell tower was built over it.  Many people believe that it really was an ancient sweat house where people would go to inhale medicinal smoke…basically, a place to get high.  Is this what St. Patrick was envisioning?  We may never know…
Location: 54° 36′ 50″ N, 7° 52′ 20″ W