The Lazy Way To Burning Calories

Lazy Way To Burning CaloriesI have been described as being possibly the laziest man alive. I have turned this into an art and come up with grand schemes to get out of doing housework, yard work, or work in general. If you are thinking “his poor wife” right now, you are most certainly right. I actually feel bad for what I put that woman through. Nonetheless, I am still very lazy. This made me wonder how it is possible that I ever lose any weight? You hear of people say they eat very little, but still gain weight. So where does this weight loss come from? After a little research, I have come up with the lazy way to burning calories for those of us who do absolutely nothing!


myfivebest -1SITTING IN A CHAIR

One of my prime sources of exercise during the day is sitting in a chair. My job is sedentary, so this turns out to be a major activity for me. I go to my office, sit down and talk on the phone, type, or design plans for people probably about 6-10 hours per day. Looking online, it turns out that sitting in a chair burns about 84 calories per hour. Over 10 hours time on a typical work day, you can burn 672 calories! That’s about as equal to a one hour game of softball with the office team…


myfivebest - 2SLEEPING

Want to really burn some calories? Why not try sleeping? Yes, you actually lose calories in your sleep. It takes a lot of work to just lie there and roll over every now and then. Plus that, when you are sleeping, you aren’t eating. I figure it is a win-win situation. Who amongst us doesn’t think sleep is good? I know I do. As it turns out, a good eight hours of rest is going to eat up another 686 calories. Compare the wonderful feeling of sleep to doing one hour and 20 minutes of push ups. Your beauty rest burned four more calories!


myfivebest - 3CHEWING

Sure, eating isn’t going to do you any favors when it comes to losing weight, but it still burns calories. Eleven calories per hour as it turns out. I am sure you’ve heard someone say they have gotten tired by chewing, right? They were probably just exercising. Remember: the calories you put into your body are taken off from the exercise you do. It’s better to chew for long hours on a stick of gum than to inhale an entire pizza..



This is not a very good exercise, but every little bit helps. A trip to the fridge in the break room or to the restroom could account for up to 200 feet (round trip). How many times do you do that per day? At least three times? If so, you just burned 30 calories! Didn’t even realize it, did you? Don’t forget, you probably walk out to your car in the morning, to and from your workplace, etc…we’re exercising machines! Who needs the treadmill?



I was actually surprised with this activity. Maybe it is all of that poking and working on play farms and in  artificial bakeries, but you actually lose quite a bit of calories playing on Facebook. In fact, if you are on this social media web site for just three hours a day, you are guaranteed to lose 366 calories! That’s about the same as a Whopper Jr. with Cheese from Burger King. (Imagine explaining that worked off your lunch with three hours on Facebook?) If you need to break it down, look to lose a whopping 122 calories per hour while you are updating your status!