The Five Best Sequels Of All Time

Part Two, The SequelThis is a difficult list.  First off, most sequels don’t match the original.  Even if they are just as good, it is the original that made you come back to see the sequel.  Secondly, sequels are hard to pull off because if the first movie was good, our expectations are often very high when it comes to the second movie.  However, every once in awhile we get surprised and this type of list can be born.  Here are the five best sequels that I can come up with.  Do you know of any better ones?  Feel free to give us your best sequels.

myfivebest -1Superman II (1980)
I am a fan of the superhero movie.  Superman (1978) should have been a tough sequel to follow.  You have characters that everyone knows, a storyline that everyone grew up with, and top notch actors from the day.  However, Superman II was a superior film compared to the original because of its storyline.  Three Kryptonian convicts with the same powers as the Man of Steel, escape from an extra-planar prison and come to earth to wreak havoc and get back at the son of their jailer – Superman.  In the meantime, Superman decides that he must give up his powers so he can be with the woman he loves (bad timing) and now must come back to save the world.  This movie had everything that a good superhero movie should contain: a hero, great villains, and a love interest.

myfivebest - 2Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982)
After the debacle of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) it is amazing that the green light to make a sequel.  They did, however, and it the franchise redeemed itself.  Khan brings back one of the original television series’ best villains.  Played by Ricardo Montalbán, Khan seeks revenge on the Enterprise and Captain Kirk for 15 years of exile in space.  Ironically, Gene Roddenberry, the series original creator, wasn’t allowed to partake in this film – probably because the predecessor sucked so much.  Personally, the eight or so sequels that have followed might never have been filmed if this sequel hadn’t come forth and re-energized the franchise.

myfivebest - 3Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)
For some reason, the early 80s got it right when it came to fixing bad movies from the 1970s.  Here was another film that added new life to a boring movie.  Now don’t get me wrong, I liked the original Mad Max (1979), but it just couldn’t touch the sequel!  Placed in a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits.  The movie is one big car/truck chase with weapons.  What could go wrong?  It was a time when Mel Gibson was still Australian, he wasn’t quite so drunk and motorcycle gangs really ticked him off.

myfivebest - 4The Evil Dead II (1987)
The first movie in this series, The Evil Dead (1981) was so bad that I forgot it even existed.  It seems that the only redeeming factor of the original was that actor Bruce Campbell starred in it.  Sam Raimi was still the director, but the original was cheaply made and was extremely violent.  The sequel, on the other hand, brought a horror-campiness to the silver screen.  It gathered a huge cult following and the audiences loved it.  This one wasn’t reviewed so critically as the first one and it was an overall better film.

myfivebest - 5Aliens (1986)
The first Alien movie (1979) was really good.  It was a space thriller/mystery that scared the daylights out of most who saw it.  How do you make a movie to follow this that could possibly be better?  Somehow, they did!  In this version, set 57 years after the first movie, they go back to the planet where they met the first alien.  This time, however, they bring back an all-star cast of Colonial Space Marines.  There are more aliens, more bloodshed, and much more gunfire.  The film was a huge success because of the non-stop action, making this movie a well-watched classic sequel!