The Five Best Breed of Dogs for Lazy People


[ReviewAZON asin=”0876051808″ display=”inlinepost”]There are over 400 different popular dog breeds in the US, from the small puppy breed to the large breeds of dogs. There are also millions of lazy dog lovers in the world that – for some reason – don’t have the time to take their dog to the park or groom them.  Maybe they work a lot or just don’t want to tear themselves away from the couch.  While this is a shame, they still love dogs and need to find a breed that works with their lifestyle.  Below are five dogs that may meet their criteria.







Shedding: None

Size: Small

Considered intelligent and quiet.  An excellent indoor dog.  The dog is considered by many to be a lap dog who just likes to curl up with you and a good book.



bedlington terrierShedding: None
Size: Medium

Described as having the heart of a lion and the appearance of a lamb.  The Bedlington Terrier is very loving to children and affectionate with people.  They get along with cats and other animals, but you have to teach them this while they are young.



bergamascoShedding: None
Size: Medium

The Begamasco is a type of sheepdog that was first bred in the area of Persia thousands of years ago.  Despite their long hair, they don’t shed.  They are highly intelligent and very loyal.



chinese crested Shedding: None
Size: Small

The Chinese Crested has been known for its unusual appearance.  It is a very affectionate dog and can adapt to any environment.  They get along well with children and other small animals and does not bark very much.  This makes the breed ideal for apartment living although not a good watchdog.



ibizian houndShedding: None
Size: Large
A large breed dog on this list, the “Beezer” are quiet, clean and polite.  They are considered to be sensitive animals that work well with children and do not cause much trouble while being indoors.  They animals do not shed and are excellent house pets.  They consider anyone in the family part of their pack, so puppies introduced into the family will cherish those people their whole lives.