The Bucket List


A Younger Mel Brooks

The following is a list of 5 stars who have contributed greatly to Hollywood. These stars are getting up in age and I think that the younger generation needs to look at their work now and take enjoyment from it rather than looking at the work after the stars have passed.

number1Elizabeth Taylor
Born in 1932, Elizabeth is the original Hollywood starlet. Her best work was in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof opposite of Paul Newman. She was the first actress to make a million dollars for a single role when she agreed to star in Cleopatra. She is 77 years old and in poor health.

number2Mel Brooks
The funny man. He is responsible for three films widely considered the best comedies ever (Blazing Saddles, The Producers, and Young Frankenstein) My personal favorite of his is SpaceBalls!.. Go rent it!. Mel is 83 years young.

number3Andy Griffith
A staple on television and film since 1960. Griffith is most notably remembered for his name sakeshow were he played a Mayberry Sheriff, but he also enjoyed a nine year role as the lead in the Matlock series. Andy is 83 years old.

number4Dick Van Dyke
Want to know who was Jim Carrey before Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey? Look no further than Dick Van Dyke. He was a wildly successful star in the 60’s and 70’s and had much loved roles in the children’s class Mary Poppins.He has consistently found work and is a sought after producer. Van Dyke is 83 years old.

number5Alan Alda
Best known as Hawkeye from M.A.S.H, Alda has been a fixture in the television world appearing in episodes of ER, The West Wing and recently 30 Rock. Alda is 73 years old.

This list is short but I felt like giving these fine examples exposure rather than focusing on more popular figures.. Who do you think I missed? Drop me a line.