The 5 Most Efficient Chatting Tools Today

Chatting Tools

With how the fast the world moves nowadays, most of us are always in the move with almost no time for rest. And when talking about communicating with the others, we have to employ methods that can keep up with our pace. There are a lot of chatting tools out there, each in varying forms and styles. However, there are five of them that can be considered one of the most efficient to use today.


Chatting Tools


This chatting tool was bought by Microsoft in the year 2011 and currently has over 600 million active users worldwide. Skype undergoes an installation process before it can be used and offers a lot of perks to its users. It allows group chats, video conferencing, file sharing, international calls with very low rates and more. Though it can be used using the mobile phone, it still needs the use of a laptop or computer for the user to call a person on the other side of the world.




Chatting Tools


Voxer is a chat application that is applicable by Android and iOS mobile phones. Though it mainly acts as a chatting tool, it can also act as a tracking system that can follow the movement of the user’s contacts. This is pretty beneficial for companies that have a need to constantly update themselves the positions of their employees and keep better track of them, so they can pitch in on them whenever a situation arises.




Chatting Tools


This is another chatting application for the mobile phones to use. Just like the previous ones, it also offers a lot of features that will help deliver a better chatting experience for their users. It has a very interactive yet comfortable chatting system that allows group chats, sending of videos of photos to other contacts and even shares with them the user’s location.




Chatting Tools


This chat app is also mobile phone friendly but it’s mainly used through a computer. That’s because this chatting tool is designed to compliment a website by giving it chatting capabilities – along with other benefits. The chatting tool comes with a lot of features, like the others, that not only makes chatting more interactive, but also the site as a whole. The user can change the visual lay-out of the chat room to suit his preferences, sync it with other chatrooms inside a larger chatting community, and gains complete control of the chatting tool itself




Chatting Tools


This tool may look simpler compared to the others with its simplistic design and functions and its inability to do group chats. However, the fact remains clear – the parent of this chatting tool is the biggest social networking site in the whole world with over 1 billion users using this to chat with their friends and colleagues everyday. Because of Facebook’s popularity, many chatting tools have opted to integrate its chatting system to their own. An example for this is Skype itself, which enables the user to chat with his friends on FB through his Skype account, and thus, there’s no more need to open the social site itself to do so.


Chatwing also benefits from Facebook but in a different way. Rather than integrating the chat process itself, it makes use of the syncing method in its logging system. This means that chatters can use their Facebook accounts to join in the chatroom instead of making an account first – a typical log-in process of chatrooms nowadays.


These tools may have different ways of appealing to their users through their functions, but they are similar in more ways than one. For example, they are very affordable to use – some of them can used for free. And they make our lives a lot whole easier by making our friends and families, no matter where they are, just a chat away.