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Five Adventure Books Based On Real People

Art often imitates life. This is the case in these five adventure books based on real people. Who were King Arthur, 3 Musketeers, or Pirates? Find out here!


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Posted by Jimm - February 12, 2014 at 1:42 pm

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Debunking The Myth: 5 Torture Devices Not Around During The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages.  A tough time if you were in trouble.  These guys came up with the most sadistic torture devices imaginable.  You didn’t want to screw up during this time period.  However, most of this is just a myth in popular culture.  Knights and Lords were too busy fighting to torture each other with elaborate devices.  Here are five contraptions that didn’t exist in the times of Robin Hood. Read more…

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Posted by Jimm Fowler - May 21, 2010 at 11:14 am

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My Five Best People Who Possibly Never Lived

The following people have been debated on whether they ever lived or were a matter of fiction.  While there are rumors of each, there is no solid proof that these people ever existed.


1. Robin Hood – This legend has been around for over 500 years.  The legendary archer and bandit who “robbed from the rich and gave to the poor” has been written in stories and been put on film for years.  There may have been a medieval bandit who roamed Sherwood Forest (that’s real) in Nottinghamshire, but most likely, the real Robin is a mish-mash of bardic tales that made him out to be a good guy.  In any case, he’s been an inspiration to those who stand up for the oppressed for a long time.



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2. King Arthur – Every child learns the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, but did he ever live?  If he did, it wasn’t at the height of the Middle Ages like he often appears.  There are some 6th century evidence at Tintagle in Cornwall that point to a King Arthur, but this is questionable.  The probable origins of King Arthur are from Saxon legends told for centuries until written down in the 1100’s by a monk named Geoffrey of Monmouth.


3. William Shakespeare – Surely I am kidding.  Shakespeare is required reading in every high school across the nation.  How can he not be real?  Well, there really was a Shakespeare, but he may have been a front for other writers.  He’s been the topic of discussion for centuries.  Supposedly, Shakespeare may have been the pen name for several playwrights and authors to which it would have been “unseemly” to write such lowly drivel due to their station in life. Some possible people who may have been Shakespeare are: Sir Francis Bacon (Aristocrat and Philosopher), Edward de Vare (the 17th Earl of Oxford), Christopher Marlowe (English poet and playwright), William Stanley (the 6th Earl of Darby) and Mary Sidney Herbert (the Countess of Pembroke).


4. Prester John – This mythical king was around during the Crusades between the 12th and 17th centuries.  He is supposedly a descendent of one of the three wisemen that brought gifts to Jesus Christ upon his birth.  Prester John was the epitome of all things chivalrous and was a generous and virtuous ruler.  It is not certain where Prester John was located. Some put him in India, in Asia Minor, or Ethiopia.  It was rumored that if a Christian army was in need in the Holy Land, they only need pray and Prester John would descend upon their enemies and destroy them.


5. Daedelus and Icarus – Every day airplanes fly overhead.  The concept of flight, however, has been with us for centuries starting with the Greeks and goals to conquer all they could see.  Daedelus and Icarus were a father-son duo who not only conquered the mystery of flight, but also teach us a lesson about trying to do something that we weren’t meant to do.  According to mythology, Daedelus was an inventor that was blessed by the gods. He created a set of wings made of feathers, string, and wax which his son, Icarus, used to fly.  The wings worked, but Icarus got cocky and flew too close to the sun, which, in turn, melted the wax and he plummeted to his death.  Daedelus packed up shop and never tried it again.  Through the centuries, people like Leonardo Da Vinci tried to emulate Daedelus but no one got the flying thing down until Orville and Wilbur Wright succeeded in 1903. Now you know who to thank the next time you catch the red eye from New York to Los Angeles.

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Posted by Jimm Fowler - May 28, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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