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Five Lies About “The War On Christmas”

War On ChristmasEach year, people make posts on the internet or Facebook about Christmas that are patently false.  Nothing steams me than to see these lies repeated by good intentions.  I don’t blame the people who post them, necessarily, because they hear them from places that they believe to be trustworthy and true. There is no “War on Christmas”.  It is a made-up controversy.  Because you do something different than someone else doesn’t mean that they are trying to take your holiday.


What it comes down to is that no one is trying to make war on the Christmas holiday season.  Whether you don’t believe the Christian religion or not, the entire season is about good will towards others and living in peace.  That’s the true “Reason for the Season“.  It isn’t about spending money, shouting that your god is better than the next guys god, or seeing who can have the most lights on their house.  It’s about living in harmony with your neighbors, no matter what your differences. Read more…

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Posted by Jimm - December 8, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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History of Christmas Trees in America

christmastreeEach year, Americans decorate their homes by bringing either a live or artificial pine tree into their living rooms and decorating it for the Christmas season.  The smell of the fir trees is now a common theme in most Christian American homes, but it was always not the case.  Where did this tradition get its start?  How did it become a part of our Christian holiday tradition?  Here are five interesting facts about this holiday tradition. Read more…

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Posted by Jimm Fowler - December 3, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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