Strange Creatures In The Bible

Strange Creatures in the Bibile

Strange Creatures In The BibleThe Bible is one of the most widely known books in the world. Did you know of these strange creatures in the Bible? They sound more along the lines of creatures you’d find in a game of World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons, but, in actuality, the Bible had them in there, first. Ask your religious friends if they are familiar with these five oddities and see what they say. I have added the section of the Bible into the examples so you can look it up for yourself. If you haven’t read the book because you are turned off by religion (or whatever reason), this might intrigue you enough to open it up and find out where some of this popular mythology originates.




THE TALKING DONKEYStrange Creatures In The Bible

Just like out of the movie Shrek, the Bible had a talking donkey. This donkey, however, did not have the voice of Eddie Murphy.  It is found in Numbers 22:22 and deals with the story of an Angel who comes to earth. The angel is invisible and only a donkey is capable of seeing it. When the owner of the donkey becomes angry with and starts to beat it, the Angel gives the donkey who starts complaining about the rough treatment he is given. The angel then reveals himself to the man (named Balaam) and tells the man that he would be dead if not for his talking donkey. The man immediately repents out of fear. No news on the donkey, but Shrek made him famous.



GIANTSStrange Creatures In The Bibile

This one might be an easy guess, but giants are also mentioned in the Bible. These aren’t the same type of giant you might imagine from Jack and the Beanstalk, but they are clearly men of great size. The most famous of these giants is Goliath of Gath. He is a great Philistine warrior that supposedly stood “six cubits and a span” (or 9 feet 9 inches tall). In actuality, earlier texts state his height at “four cubits and a span” -or about 6’9″ tall, which is still impressive, even by today’s standards. (1 Samuel 17:4-7). Goliath, however, isn’t the only giant in the Bible. They are mentioned throughout the Old Testament, starting with Genesis (14:13) and being throughout many books. They are called by many names, mainly for the lands they came from. These include: Amorites, The Emim, The Nephilim, and The Anakim. Regardless of where they came from in the Bible, they typically were scary and against the Israelites.



DRAGONSStrange Creatures In The Bible

Often when we think of Dragons from a religious standpoint, we think of St. George going around killing winged serpents, but dragons were actually quite prevalent in the Bible. From what I’ve seen, you can find a dragon mentioned twenty-five times in both the Old and New Testament! We’re not just talking about your typical medieval dragon, either. One dragon, mentioned in Revelation 12:3 was “a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon its head.” Overall, the dragon is a representation of Satan in the Bible. For this reason, it is usually synonymous with great evil and used as a tool to empower the antichrist. Just like in that game of Dungeons and Dragons, this is a scary creature.



LEVIATHANSStrange Creatures In The Bible

The Leviathan is one scary creature. So scary, in fact, that we don’t know what it supposedly looked like. We do know that it was a sea monster, which is why many modern writers consider it to be a whale. According to the Bible (found in Job 41:1-34), the Leviathan cannot be hurt, breathes fire and smoke, and water boils around it.  Being unstoppable, the Leviathan appears in many Middle Eastern texts, even beyond the Bible. People who study the holy texts have claimed that the Leviathan can be anything from a sea monster to a crocodile (which would make it one, big, fire-breathing crocodile!)



UNICORNSStrange Creatures In The Bible

My first introduction to Unicorns was from an Irish song explaining how the Unicorns used to be a common species on earth before Noah’s flood. Mentioned nine times in the Bible, the usual description most people know is of a white horse with a horn. The Bible does not consider the beautiful horse to be the inspiration of God’s unicorn. While some believe that the animal mentioned in the Bible is a rhinoceros or a one-horned goat, it is most likely that the Unicorn was an aurochs (think big cow/ox that actually lived) or a giant rhino, known as a elasmotherium. Of all the creatures on this list, the Unicorn is possibly the most likely to have been walking around. You can find unicorns mentioned in Job 39:9-12 and in Psalm 29:6.