Reasons to Join Your local Horse Council

horsetrailersReader Submitted: Kathy C.
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This past weekend our county Horse Council sponsored a pig roast open to other State of Ohio council members. Forty two horse trailers campers showed up at Robinson Field in the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest, to learn about and to ride those fantastic trails.

number1Promoting Trail Riding and the Trails
These state, county and national parks are for the pleasure of everyone. My guess would be that trail riders are a small percentage of the visitors, so it’s important to make our presence known to the entities who manage and who maintain the parks and the trails. These clubs are also a way for riders new to trail riding to network with more experienced riders

number2The Special Events
Of course everyone likes to gather around the campfire and to participate in food events like the Pig Roast and the Clam Bake. There are other events that are designed to develop skill building like the Competitive Trail Ride and the Obstacle Competition. There are also informative meetings about horse care and about farm management.
number3Building a Trail Riding Network
Particularly if you keep your horses on your property and you do not board, there aren’t always ways to network with other horse people. Then Councils provide this as well as a way to find trail riding partners.
number4It’s All About the Trails
There are opportunities to visit other counties as they sponsor events to promote their trails. Members take pride in guiding visitors around their parks, expanding choices to ride outside of your area.
number5Kindred Spirits
Where else can you sit around and talk about what to do when horses “choke”, or “caste”? Who else would engage in converstations about manure management, or about fly management? Sharing what works and what doesn’t work is all  part of the involvement.


Membership cost is minimal for such a wealth of experiences. Call or get online today and join up.  And as always, Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.

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