Presidential Perverts: Sex Lives of US Presidents

Sex Lives of US Presidents

Sex Lives of US PresidentsWhen most of us think of Presidents of the United States, we think about the things they did, right or wrong. Rarely, do we think about their sex lives. The main reason for this is that prior to Gerald Ford, reporters didn’t reveal everything the President was doing. However, after their deaths, many of the skeletons came out of the closet. In some cases, this is almost literal! Here are five stories about the sex lives of US Presidents.




Many people consider Benjamin Franklin one of the foremost perverted forefathers, but Thomas Jefferson might take the cake. Many people have heard of the long love affair that Thomas Jefferson had with his slave, Sally Hemmings. It is possible that the love affair started when Hemmings was 13 or 14 years old. The two of them had six children together. If that isn’t Jerry Springer enough for you, Hemmings was the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife, being the illegitimate offspring of his father-in-law and one of his own slaves. Hemmings is also said to have had a child with of one of Jefferson’s nephews. However, Jefferson didn’t stop with his slave, though. He had an affair with a Betsey Walker who was the wife of his friend from college. We don’t know how close of a friend Jefferson was with this man (John Walker), but he was in their wedding party. We have this information from a letter Jefferson wrote to the Secretary of the Navy while President. Jefferson also had other affairs with his slaves and several women in Paris. One of these women was a mistress of Lafayette, the French war hero who helped the Colonists during the American Revolution. While he had many conquests in his years, Jefferson remained in love with Sally Hemmings throughout most of his life.




According to historian James Loewen, James Buchanan was our first gay president. Buchanan served as President from 1857-1861 and is often viewed as the President who was responsible for ignoring the turmoil that led to the Civil War. He was a life-long bachelor who  had his niece, Harriet Lane, acting as first Lady. While his niece was hosting cocktail parties, Buchanan was living with former Vice President and U.S. Senator, William Rufus King from Alabama. Apparently, their relationship was so close, that political opponents referred to the couple as “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy”. Supposedly, Buchanan had ordered all of his personal correspondence with men be destroyed upon his death, but a few letters survived.



CELIBATE PRESIDENTSex Lives of US Presidents

Unlike the other men on this list, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States and leader of the Progressive Movement was against sex. In his memoirs, he writes that he was not interested in sex with his first wife, Ellen Louise Axson. Part of this may have been due to his health. Wilson suffered from high blood pressure and several strokes and may have been impotent. And, being president, if he couldn’t have sex, no one else was going to, either! Woodrow Wilson, who led us into World War One, believed that our troops should be celibate, as well. Because of this, Wilson went after the women who tempted the American troops who were going overseas. While people are up in arms about transvaginal ultrasounds today, Wilson had women – forcibly – treated for venereal disease whether they had it or not! Even still, American soldiers were stricken with VD in great numbers during World War One prompting one military leader to state “keep this information away from Wilson – he’ll stop the war!”.



MAN OF THE PEOPLESex Lives of US Presidents

On the surface, Warren G. Harding, a Republican Senator from Ohio and 29th PotUS was a happily married man who gave us the 40 hour work week and insurance for new mothers. Behind closed doors, he made Bill Clinton look like a rank amateur when it came to bedding women. There are a minimum of 30 affairs that Harding had while in office including: Friends of his wife, female reporters, White House secretaries, chorus girls, and a “string of New York women”. Not only did Harding have sex with these women, he also fathered children with them. One time, Harding almost got caught by his wife while having sex in the Oval Office closet with a 22-year old presidential groupie. After his death (which is questionable, at best, but that’s for another list), a couple of Harding’s past lovers came out with tell-all books of his sexual exploits.




What list on Presidential sex fiends would be complete without John F. Kennedy? Almost everyone knows about the affair between JFK and Marilyn Monroe. However, if that was Kennedy’s only extramarital liaison, it might have been forgotten, but Kennedy liked his sex – with everyone.  Like Harding, above, Kennedy had sex with friend’s wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters. It is rumored that he slept with EVERY female White House staff member! Besides Monroe, he entertained actresses like Jayne Mansfield, Gene Tierney, stripper Blaze Starr, and many others. There is even a belief that Jackie O once had a miscarriage after Jack gave her syphilis from one of his affairs. That is a woman who stuck by her man!