Presidential Marathon Runners

Presidential Marathon Runners

marathon runnersThere’s been a lot of news recently on the exaggeration stated by Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan about his speedy marathon accomplishments. While Ryan has run a marathon – and I give credit to anyone who can complete one of these races – he felt the need to state to radio host, Hugh Hewitt that he ran the Grandma’s Marathon in two hours and fifty minutes. For those of you who have never run a marathon (myself, included); that’s fast. In reality, it is also a lie. Ryan actually ran the marathon in just over four hours (4:01:25). He claims his statement is actually a misstatement, but people who run marathons KNOW what their time was to run this. Should they forget, the information is easily accessible, as Ryan found out when Runner’s World magazine fact checked him. I’m not sure why he needed to embellish his running time because it is still an extraordinary feat. Not many candidates can say they have done the same. In fact, I could only find the following five people…


AL GORE (4:58:25)Al Gore

When he was not busy saving the world from Global Warming, this nobel laureate spends his time hitting the pavement. He ran in the 1997 Marine Corps Marathon at the age of 49 alongside former Senate Majority leader, Bill Frist. It’s the slowest time on this list, but hey, the guy was forty-nine years old!



SARAH PALIN (3:59:36)Sarah Palin

The former GOP VP nominee and part-time governor of Alaska ran in the 2005 Humpy’s Marathon held in – where else? Anchorage, Alaska. The 26.2 mile race is held by the Anchorage Running Club and the 41 year old former candidate and television personality beat then-20-year-old Ryan’s time by 2 minutes.



GEORGE W. BUSH (3:44:52)George W. Bush

The 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, is an all-around athlete and sportsman. He hunts, he fishes, he rides a bike, he golfs, and he runs. President Bush participated in the 1993 Houston Marathon race at the age of 47. That’s a pretty good time for the former President!



MICHAEL DUKAKIS (3:31:00)Michael Dukakis

This former Governor of Massachusetts and 1988 Democratic Presidential Nominee (he lost out to George Bush, Sr.) ran a speedy three and a half hour race in the 1951 Boston Marathon at the age of 17, making him not only the second fastest on this list, but also the youngest of our five marathon runners!



JOHN EDWARDS (3:30:18)John Edwards

Former North Carolina senator, 2004 Vice Presidential nominee under John Kerry, and all-around bad guy, John Edwards is the fastest runner out of this Presidential list. Edwards ran the 1983 Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, Virginia at the age of thirty.