People With Two Different Color Eyes

People With Two Different Color Eyes

Two Different Color EyesPeople with two different colored eyes – or a condition called “heterochromia iridum” – is a rare mutation. It can be caused by genetics or disease or injury. Most of the time, it is inherited. While not often seen, certain celebrities have been known to have this. Have you ever met anyone who has this mutation? What color were there eyes?  Here are five actors which all have different colored eyes to some varying degree.



Dan Akyroyd\

If you look closely and you’ll see “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Dan Aykroyd has two different color eyes: one brown eye and one green one.




Kate Bosworth

Superman’s Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth has two different color eyes: blue and brown.




Kiefer Sutherland

Eighties actor, Kiefer Sutherland, known for his role in “24”, has one hazel eye and one brown eye.




Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, made famous in “That ‘70s Show,” has one green eye and one brown eye.




Christopher Walken

Of all actors, you’d suspect Christopher Walken to have this. He has one blue eye and one green eye.



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