myFiveBest Turns Four Years Old!

myFiveBest Turns Four

myFiveBestIt doesn’t seem possible, but myFiveBest turns four years old today. This is currently my 1660th article with the web site and I wanted to take a couple of lines to tell our readers what has been happening in the world of trivia, interesting facts and trivia. The web site began as a game my father and I used to play when I was growing up. The object was to name five examples on any topic. It is a game I have been playing most of my life. I love trivia and history and I don’t think I will ever stop. I would just like to thank our fans for keeping this web site going by visiting and clicking on ads. Without you, this site would not exist. After four years, a lot is going on with the web site, so I will keep you up to date – with a list of five, of course!



For those of you who read the the web site on a regular basis, I have slowed down a bit in the past year. I am still getting out a little over one article per day, but since our inception, my requests to write for other sites and blogs has really picked up. Currently, I am writing about ten posts/articles per week on a variety of topics from history to trivia to business and legal issues! That’s not including the work I do for several Facebook Fan pages, creating memes and other posts. I also write a trivia sequence for a local company. “Believe it or not” (to quote one of my favorite writers of the twentieth century), with all of that, this is not my actual job. I own a small business in NE Ohio building web sites and marketing other people’s web sites to the masses. This is just my side job, but your requests for articles are still important to me. If you send me a request to write an article or offer an opinion, I will do my best to complete that for you.




I took the plunge this year and made myFiveBest official. I am currently in the process of having the site trademarked! Everything is signed and turned into the government, so, as they move in their glacier-quick pace of bureaucracy, I should be adding a ‘TM’ to the name soon. From there, I am looking to bring in some guest writers. If you are interested in trying your hand at publishing your opinion, hit me up with a request. I am always looking for new material. Other things to look for on the web site is a daily birthday list that I have been writing for the past few months. This will continue. It’s a bit of an expanded list than what you normally see, because I like to include people you might not typically expect to see. One other big event is that I am working on writing a myFiveBest book! Look for more info on that later this year…



Right now, the web site has had more than 1.8 million visitors to the web site and are currently bringing in about 85,000 people per month. That’s a lot of people!  I remember when I first started I was excited to get about 25 people to come to the site in a whole day. Where are all these people coming from? It seems like almost everywhere! In the Western hemisphere, only Cuba hasn’t stopped by to say hello. Everyone else has been here. On the other side of the world, only six nations in Africa haven’t visited the web site. The rest of the world has been here! I think after I whittle down two of those countries, it will be time for a Five Best List on “Where the hell have you been?“… Keep the comments coming. Whether you agree or not, I enjoy reading everyone’s opinion.



I love hearing what people like and do not like. What are your favorite topics? What If articles? History? Politics (we all might be sick of these)? or Entertainment? If you let me know through email, Facebook (you can find our Facebook page at: On Facebook you will find that I do a daily “On This Day In History” post in addition to bits of trivia. Tell your friends and have them “LIKE” the page.




…this one I am going to leave blank. Some of this is still a secret, but you can look forward to some big things down the road.  Feel free, once again, to contact me if you have any special requests or inquiries. Until then, thank you for reading and I look forward to an even better year ahead!