myFiveBest Turns 1000!

myfivebestWell, we’ve reached a milestone!  This is the one thousandth post we’ve written for this blog.  It’s been a feat, I will tell you that.  When we first started this blog, our goal was to hit this goal, but who knew if we’d actually do it?  I am happy to say that it is now a reality!  We average about 45,000+ people coming to our site every month.  We’ve had thousands of comments here and at our fan page on Facebook (which you are more than welcome to join).  People from all over the world have looked at our blog (except for only 15 countries, so if you know anyone from Benin in Central Africa – tell them about us!)  Over the past fifteen months, we’ve written a lot of articles on a lot of different topics.  However, there are five that people kept coming back for over and over.  Here are the five best of the five best!

myfivebest -1Five Farmville Building Tips And Tricks
I don’t know how this game came to be so popular?!?  I make fun of it quite a bit because I think it is better to go out and build a REAL garden and grow REAL vegetables than it is to click a mouse on your computer, but people love this game!  So much so, that this post (and an accompanying one called Five Advanced Farmville Tips) are sub-categorized by Google.  Hardly a day goes by that this post isn’t near the top of the viewing list since it came out on September 9, 2009.  We’ve had 57,000 people look at this blog post.  You can find it here: Five Farmville Building Tips And Tricks.

myfivebest - 2Five Places To Get Free Books
Who doesn’t like free stuff?  Obviously, a lot of people do because people keep coming to this site in droves.  I wrote this article while trying to find an alternative than the library for a book that I couldn’t find.  It’s paid off in more ways than one!  This is an early article I wrote in July, 2009.  You can find this article at: Five Places To Get Free Books.

myfivebest - 3 Five Real Superpowers People Can Have
This article has the potential to even beat the Farmville ones.  It was written rather recently – only 2 months ago, but it is the third best read article to date!  I suppose everyone wishes they were a superhero in one way or another and this article explains how there are some naturally occurring mutations in people and how some of have mastered these abilities.  You can read more about this article at: Five Real Superpowers People Can Have.

myfivebest - 4Five Facts About The Wizard Of Oz
Besides my wife, who doesn’t love the Wizard of Oz?  It’s pretty apparent a few thousand people do, because it is one of our best read stories.  There is a lot of mystery and folklore behind the scenes of this film and I wrote down five of the best of them in this article.  This article was written at the end of September of 2009.  Take a look at it and see if you find anything new.  Find it at: Five Facts About The Wizard Of Oz

myfivebest - 5The Dark Side Of Wonderland: The Scandals Of Lewis Carroll
Everybody loves a scandal and let’s face it…Lewis Carroll, the writer of the beloved children’s classic, Alice and Wonderland, was well, to put it lightly…he was ICKY!  You’ll be surprised by some of the stuff this guy was into – including some things that he MIGHT have been involved in.  I lost total respect for this writer after I researched this article.  In fact, you’d be better off letting your 12 and 13-year old children having unrestricted access to Cinemax for a weekend while you’re out of town with the keys to the liquor cabinet sitting in the lock instead of letting them near this guy! This article was written in March, 2010 – right after my wife and I went to see the new Johnny Depp movie on Alice.   Find out more about Lewis Carroll at: The Dark Side of Wonderland: The Scandals of Lewis Carroll.

I was surprised that no music articles made the top five list.  A couple were in the top 20, but the most popular were on the little known facts and disclaimers in life.  Google Earth articles also fared pretty well. What are some of your favorite articles if you are a returning visitor to our site?  If you are new here, what would you like to see?  Feel free to comment.  I’d also like to mention that anyone can send in a list of five best and I will do my best to print the article for you – using your name as the source!  Let us know what you want to see more of!  Thanks again, everyone.  Here’s to the next thousand articles!