My Five Best Mixed Breed of Dogs

My Dog Jaxson (Lab Retriever Mix)

My Dog Jaxson (Lab Retriever Mix)

All my life, I have only owned one full bred dog, she was a German Shepherd named Showshe (weird name that my mom picked out). She was a great dog but since then I have only owned mixed breeds. I have found that mixed breeds can be just as good, and in some cases better than a full bred dog. Unless you are trying to make money by breeding, don’t worry so much about getting a full bred of whatever type of dog you want. Of all the dogs that I have owned, here are my five favorite mixed bred dogs.

number1  Lab-Retriever Mix
My current dog is a Black Lab Retriever mix, his name is Jaxson. I absolutely love this dog and he is well aware of it. I got him from a rescue so at first he was a bit timid, but now he is very nice to everybody and loves to play. The thing I like about Jax is that even though he loves to play a lot, he won’t keep pushing your buttons to play with him, he knows how to take no for an answer which is a big thing for young pups. He also sticks to chewing on his toys, it is a rare occasion to find something of mine chewed up. He obeys my commands and is just an all around great dog that I plan to have for years. With my short experience with him, I would recommend a lab retriever mixed puppy to anybody.

number2  Chow-Shepherd Mix
When I was younger I had a Chow-Shepherd mixed dog named Rascal. I had him for about a year before he was hit by a car, but that was one of the best years I’ve had with a dog. He wasn’t afraid of anything yet he was as gentle as they come. The time it took to house train him was so short that I honestly don’t even remember doing it. He looked more like a Chow but had the smarts of a Shepherd. I would have no problem taking in another Chow-Shepherd mix.

number3  Boxer-Dalmatian Mix
I once had a Boxer-Dalmatian mixed dog named Dallas. She was probably the most beautiful dog that I had ever had. She was mostly white, the only black spots on her were a few on her tail and half of her face was black (her face was literally black and white split down the middle). It took a little longer than I liked to house train her but she came along. She was a bit possessive over me and my family, it took her a while to warm up to visitors if she was outside but if we had her inside she had no problem warming up to people, it was kind of weird. All in all, the dog had a great spirit about her and wasn’t any trouble at all.

number4  Beagle-Bulldog Mix
The same time I had Dallas, I had a Beagle-Bulldog mix named Chase. He was a great dog but a little lazy for my liking because I like active dogs that love to play. He never seemed to mind other people, unless Dallas would start getting testy then Chase would act like he was mean but he wasn’t fooling anybody. Chase was the easiest to house train but he like to chew on things throughout the house. All in all, Chase would have made a great pet for anybody because he was great for me.

number5  Border Collie-Blue Heeler Mix
The dog I had before Jaxson was a Border Collie-Blue Heeler mix named Dugar. He was a very good looking dog that was pretty hyper. The main problem I had with him was that he would act like he was going to attack any new dog that he was around. He would never full on attack any other dogs but he would nip at them to let them know he meant business. I eventually broke him of this and he turned out to be a great dog to take to the park. It seemed like Dugar didn’t even notice anybody else was there because he was so in love with his tennis ball and his frisbee. Dugar was great but like I said, he could get pretty testy.


This list is based off of my personal opinions. Different people prefer different people of dogs. This list is based on my own experiences with these dogs, but if you are considering any of these dogs, you should go for it.