My Five Best Dating Sites

My Five Best Dating Sites

My Five Best Dating Sites

You are on the dating market and it is rough out there. Maybe you have found yourself in the dating pool once again due to divorce or you have been dating for years and cannot find that right man or woman. Have you tried online dating. It is losing its stigma as an awkward way to meet people and both men and women are starting to embrace the online dating scene.

Below are a list of five web sites and how they can help you find the love of your life:



This web site is possibly the largest dating web site on the internet. It is also the oldest. The Best: It offers superior search options for its clients, including: race, sex, interests, locations, etc… The Worst: The site has tons of pop up ads that are annoying and sometimes block your ability to read the profiles. It is free to browse the web site and membership fees start at $19.95/month with the price coming down for longer subscriptions. (



eHarmony is an unique dating web. It uses a detailed personality test that identifies your personal strengths and weaknesses and matches you with similar people who their database feels would be compatible with you. The Best: This web site deals with the quality of your dating partners, not the quantity of the people you connect with. The Worst: You can only communicate with people that are members. eHarmony prefers that you use their Guided Program which slows your dating process down, but there are ways around this (one of which is their “fast track” program). eHarmony also reserves the right to decline you if they feel that you do not fit into their structure. Additionally, eHarmony isn’t cheap. One month is$59.95, three months is $119.95, and a yearly fee is $239.40. (



PerfectMatch is the response to eHarmony. It’s founder, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, is very involved in the web site; offering a blog, videos, and radio interviews made to help her clients. The Best: There are just more options with this web site. The user experience from this web site is more clear and you can see how your matches were picked. The Worst: This is also a pricy web site at $59.95/month and the testing questions are pretty obvious as to what they are asking, allowing the savvy user to skew the results. (


DATE.COM is one of the largest dating sites available on the internet. It has more than eight million subscribers and is perfect for the under 40 crowd. About a third of those people are under the age of thirty. The Best: This isn’t a fly-by-night organization. They’ve been around since 1997. Members can set up a profile, post a picture and browse the site for free. Paid members get to do have the typical dating site privileges. The Worst: The sign-up process is a little bit long and drawn out and the site consists mainly of men. This works out great for women, but limits the male choices. (



This is a dating site that was launched in 2004 and combines the positive attributes of several other dating sites with the added benefit of social networking and oh, it’s free! The Best: Did I mention the web site is free? It also offers quizzes to potential dating prospects, integration with Facebook, no ads and the ability to “tag” friends. The Worst: OK Cupid is free, so you do not have some of the exclusivity that are offered with paying sites. Other than that, complaints on the internet show that the site gets hit with quite a few scammers. (
If you are going to try online dating, date smart. Don’t give out your personal information freely. Remember, you have to protect your privacy just like you would do anywhere else. The anonymity of online dating allows for people to say and do things that they normally would be more reserved in doing. Play it safe and have fun!