My Five Best Billy Mays Products

Boscov's Department Store - As Seen on TV
On June 28th 2009, we all suffered the loss of Billy Mays, who may be the greatest pitchman that has ever lived.  Billy Mays died of heart failure at age 50.  He was found unresponsive in his Tampa, FL home on the morning of June 28th, and was pronounced dead by a fire rescue crew. 

Mays has been pitching products in commercials and infomercials for roughly 12 years.  His high energy, booming voice and catch phrase “Hi, it’s Billy Mays here with…” has made him famous promoting products like Orange Glo and Oxi-Clean countless other products.  He was also featured on the reality TV show “Pitchmen” on the Discovery Channel, along with his business partner Anthony Sullivan.

I hate to say it, but the king is dead,” said Sullivan, his voice breaking into tears. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I’ll always remember his booming voice – him saying ‘Billy Mays here.’ He was the best friend a man could wish for – he was much more than people knew.”

Here’s a list of what I believe are five of the best Bille Mays products.  They may or may not be the best selling product, but they’re definitely my favorites.


  Jupiter Jack – Cell phone accessory for your car that turns your car radio into a hands-free speaker.  This is awesome and I couldn’t live without mine now that I have it.


  Awesome Auger – A mini auger *”with laser sharp edge, gives you the muscle to blast through hard rock and clay, or cut through the thickest roots, and easily power out rocks and stubborn stumps! It also works great for digging post holes, removing weeds and dandelions or planting trees, shrubs, and bushes.”  I do not have one yet, I just now ordered as I was doing research for this article.  So, I cannot vouch for the quality of the product.  But if it actually works as it does in the infomercials, I think this is an incredible tool that will certainly get a lot of use at my house. 

* Quote from


  Mighty Putty – A powerful bonding epoxy stick.  You cut a small piece, mold it and stick it.  The putty is strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs. 


  Quick Chop – My wife loves this product, it’s one of her favorite kitchen accessories.  The Quick Chop makes cutting, slicing & dicing so much quicker & easier.


  Grabit – I have never used this product, but here’s the claim (from GRABIT removes damaged screws quick and easy in less than ten seconds. Never again be frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt. Straight heads, phillips heads, hex heads, painted over heads, GRABIT works on them all. GRABIT comes with a lifetime warranty.

If the Grabit works like claim it does, it’s definitely a great tool.  I haven’t ordered it yet but it’s only $20.