Milestones In Blogging

Blogging For SuccessI finally hit 1500 articles in my blog, after 30 months of work.  That’s an average of 50 blog postings a month or 1.667 posts per day.  I originally conceived the blog in a coffeehouse as a way of showing customers how blogging could be beneficial to their businesses.  I made a few mistakes when I first started, but in the thirty months, I have also learned a bit. If you are considering a blog for your business, here are some tips that I can give you.

Remember, blogging is not as difficult as it seems. The following five tips can help you to decide what you want to blog about, how to promote your site, and, hopefully, give you the opportunity to make some money from your writing. It isn’t difficult to do, you just need to take the first steps – and they are small steps that can be done with practically no computer knowledge!

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The more narrow the focus that you have on your blog, the easier it will be able to find on the internet.  You may not get the traffic that you would have with a broad topic, but the people that come to your blog will be more goal-oriented to what you are writing.  That’s a mistake I made with myFiveBest.  The only focus I have is that there are five of everything I write.  The rest is on a whim.  I would not suggest you do this sort of thing, but after the time I’ve put into this site, there is no going back for me.

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myfivebest - 2BE CONSISTENT

I write just about every day.  You don’t have to do this, but you do have to be consistent in your writing.  If you plan on writing three times a week or even once a week, make sure that you do it at the same time – every week.  This way, people will come to expect when your next article is coming out and visit your blog on a regular basis.  Return customers are needed with any web site.  Also, keep the look or format of your blog consistent, as well.  With this site, we have a “list of five” theme.  Your theme could be “Articles about the auto industry”, “A travel location”, or “Fishing”.  You just have to be consistent.


I am a firm believer that unless you’ve got a stake in what you are doing, you will never be serious about your blog.  If you start a free blog, do so only to practice blogging.  Don’t expect to increase your business with it.  Is it possible? Yes, but you will find that free blogs will tie your hands when trying to do some more advanced techniques.


Every time you blog, you should be promoting what you write.  Think of it as a mini-press release that you send out to announce that your blog has changed.  There are many ways to go about doing this.  You can ping your site (, start Twittering (, use Facebook ( or any number of hundreds of other platforms to allow people to know you wrote something new.  Don’t stop at a single post, either.  I will often post to Twitter 2-3 times on the same article, changing the text that I use to try and get people to read my articles.

myfivebest - 5MONETIZE YOUR BLOG

Yes, your blog can make you money.  There are many different ways to do this.  One of the most simple solutions is to add Google Adwords to your blog.  They are the text or image ads that you often see along the right hand side of the page when you do a Google Search.  The more traffic you have, the more successful you will be with this.  My wife and I pay our mortgage every month with Google AdWords and this is only one method of income that I use to make money from my blog.

So what are the results?

  • The blog will be 30 months old on December 21st.
  • I get approximately 2100 people to the blog each day (63,000 unique visitors a month) who look at approximately 1.25 pages when they are here (about 78,000 page views).
  • My blog has been viewed in all but 23 countries in the world!
  • I’ve had over 10,000 comments about the blog, including a guest spot on radio shows and articles in such magazines as B-Net, which is owned by CBS.
  • In my business, I’ve been picking up more clients who want me to write for their blogs and it has turned into a lucrative side income.

My blog isn’t as successful as I eventually want it to be.  Having millions of readers each month, while making enough money to live comfortably, is my goal.  I want to thank everyone for reading and sharing your opinions on the blog.  I have plenty of plans for the next 1500 articles and look forward to talking to you.