Life Lessons Learned From Game Of Thrones

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Have you seen HBO’s series, Game of Thrones? This is going into its third season this year and is a tremendous adaption of George R.R.Martin’s fantasy, The Song of Ice and Fire series of books. The series is full of mystery and intrigue and life lessons that you can take with you into your everyday work week. Here are just some life lessons learned from Game of Thrones. Note: There are no spoilers here from Books 3-5, but if you haven’t seen the HBO series, you might want to stop reading. You have been forewarned…

Lessons Learned From Game Of Thrones

myfivebest -1WINTER IS COMING

This is said over and over again in the series. It’s sort of like the repeated catch-phrase “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” from the Spider-Man movies. Winter is Coming. What does it mean? The phrase is the motto of the Stark family and it means you have to be prepared for the crap that life is going to deal you. We should all learn from this. The Starks know this. They have a lot of Winter heading their way…

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."


Jon Snow is the poor bastard child that everyone likes, but no one wants to be. It’s another catch-phrase repeated to him throughout the series by a Wildling woman named, Ygritte. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” She says this to him whenever he thinks he’s smarter than she is. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know what I mean. How is it women can be so smart all of the time???

"A Lannister Always Pays His Debts."


Another interesting phrase that is repeated is “A Lannister always pays his debts.” It is most often stated by the dwarf, Tyrion, but his brother, sister, and father have been known to chime in with the statement, as well. If you owe someone something, it is your obligation to pay them back – whether that is money, a kind turn, or a knife in the back…

"Valar Morghulis": All Men Must Die

myfivebest - 4ALL MEN MUST DIE

We first heard this when the Faceless Man, the assassin, Jaqen H’Ghar, gives Arya a small iron coin and tells her to say “Valar Morghulis”. It translates to “All Men Must Die.” This is a major premise of the show. Every time you start liking one of the characters, Martin kills them off. You are always waiting for the other shoe to drop on your favorite character. This is true in life, too. No one lives forever and you have to be prepared for the inevitable, sad though it may be.


myfivebest - 5HODOR!

Hodor is the big, dimwitted half-giant grandson of Ol’ Nan. He doesn’t speak except to say, “Hodor“. Because of this, despite his size, people have a tendency to overlook the behemoth.  Interestingly enough, Hodor understands just about everything that’s said to him all the while just repeating “Hodor”. He’s incredibly strong and extremely loyal to Bran, the young Prince of Winterfell.  Something I’ve learned from him is that no matter how insignificant a person may seem, no matter how little they can offer, there may be an inner strength within them and you should always treat them with the proper respect.  Hodor!