Life Lessons Learned From Batman

Lessons Learned From BatmanBatman is one of the most-widely recognized superheroes of all time. Part of the reason that people like him is because he is the epitome of the successful person that we want in ourselves. He is the person we can strive to be. Batman wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. He wasn’t born with a mutated gene that allowed him to read minds or grow razor claws. He’s just a guy who worked hard to become the man we know. There is a lot to learn from Batman. Here’s some of the life lessons learned from Batman that I’ve taken from his comics and movies.

Life Lessons from Batman


Batman was just a child when his parents were killed. He was raised by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. While growing up as a rich orphan, Batman really had one thing on his mind: To take revenge on the deaths of his parents. He knew he couldn’t do this on his own, so he traveled the world learning to fine tune his body and detective skills to become the Dark Knight. You may not be rich or able to travel the world, but if you set your mind on a goal and work towards obtaining that goal, you will find success.
Batman Life Lessons - Treat People Right


The Caped Crusader might strike fear into the hearts of his villains, but he has never forgotten that you have to be kind to the people of Gotham. These are the people he is sworn to protect. Even though Batman could overlook the “little people” and help out the most privileged, he regards all people with kindness and equality. He puts others needs before his own and helps the less fortunate who have become victims to corruption and greed. In your life, don’t suck up to the people who you think will help you up the corporate ladder. Treat them as equal as you would treat the person who takes your order at the restaurant, the guy who empties your trash, or the elderly woman who needs help crossing the street.
Batman Life Lessons - Be Prepared


Do you know why Batman never is defeated? It’s because he is always prepared for the obstacles life throws at him. This takes on the physical representation of his utility belt. Tear gas? Batman has a mini-ventilator. Sharks? Shark repellent. Need to climb a tall building? The Bat-grapnel. No matter what the situation, he’s prepared. Are you prepared for troubles in your life? I understand that you probably don’t have a utility belt, but you still should have a plan for all of life’s downfalls. What will you do if you lost your job tomorrow? Do you have your resume up-to-date? What if you become ill? Do you have insurance? The Boy Scouts have it right – Be Prepared!
Batman Life Lessons - Successful People Perservere


The problem most people have in life is that when things get tough, they quit. Can you imagine Batman doing this every time the Joker decided to pull one of his pranks? No! Batman knows his enemies are going to throw hard situations at him and that – for the people of Gotham – Batman must carry on. Sure, it would be easier for him to go back to Wayne Manor and curl up in a ball and cry, but you can’t be successful if you throw a pity party every time things get rough. Suck it up! Keep going that extra step! It’s the only way to get ahead in life. Ask yourself, “What would Batman do?”
Batman Life Lessons - Give People a Second Chance


Batman is the type of guy who believes people can change. Take the Catwoman, for instance. Sure she’s a criminal, but Batman saw some good in her. Did he haul her off to Arkham Asylum because she couldn’t change? Nope. He gave her a second chance and she, in turn, has saved the Caped Crusader and Robin, the Boy Wonder on many occasions. While you probably won’t have the chance to decide whether a criminal will go to jail or not, don’t pass judgement on someone from a bad first impression. Give them a chance to prove themselves. Open up your eyes and see the good that people have to offer. Everyone deserves a second chance.