5 Spare Room Makeovers To Impress Holiday House Guests

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Holiday House Guests

The holidays are filled with visiting family and friends. With hosting holiday house guests, you want them to feel comfortable and at home in your spare bedroom—you also want to impress them with your smooth hosting skills. Knock their socks off by creating a home away from home instead of just a spare bedroom.


Add Necessities

Make sure the room is equipped with the usual necessities: clean bath towels, an alarm clock, a pen and paper for notes, and a waste basket. Think of what you would appreciate when staying the night away from home, such as a laundry bag or extra bedding. Set out a power strip if outlets are out of reach, and include Internet user names and pass codes for guests to have easy access to your Wi-Fi. A small light by the bed is also a nice touch. This way, your guests don’t have to worry about walking across an unfamiliar room in the dark.


Include Extra Amenities

Personalize the room by including little extras, such as a basket of colorful fruit, an assortment of Christmas flowers to offer some holiday cheer or framed photographs of you and your guest. As an extra gesture, keep a DIY snack box on the dresser for guests who get a midnight craving while everyone else is asleep. Fill it with dried fruit, crackers and chocolate, and place a few water bottles nearby. Providing the extra amenities saves guests from having to ask to borrow items, and the embarrassment of poking around in your refrigerator.


Free Up Closet Space

Spare bedrooms tend to collect the overflow from other rooms in the house. Get rid of clutter, and move extra clothes and boxes into either the basement, the attic. Organize the closet so ample space is available for your guests to hang their clothes and put any other accessories away they may have brought along. Provide extra hangers for their clothes and enough floor space so they can store their shoes and suitcases in the closet, as well. This allows the room to remain uncluttered and open for the duration of their stay.


Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. Off shades of white with light shades of brown, yellow, green or blue can be relaxing and calming when balanced with one another. Tans can be over used and often times will add a harsh look to a neutral color. Using dark-hued furniture in a room where light whites and pastels have been used enhances the contrast and makes the furniture stand out.


Don’t Over-Decorate

Don’t go overboard when accessorizing and decorating. You might want to skip the over-the-top holiday decorations. Simplify your style. Only include furniture that’s needed, such as a dresser, nightstand, bed and possibly a small writing desk. If the room is big enough, create a cozy reading nook with an arm chair, decorative lamp and stack of books. While extra amenities and added necessities are appreciated, be careful not to drown your guests in excess stuff.


Written by Lauren Cullen
Once an off-Broadway actress, Lauren is now married with children and loves her life in the suburbs. She loves sharing her crafts and DIY ideas with readers.