Five Winter Hobbies to Consider

cmasdecorLiving in an area where the winter season means snow, snow, and more snow can drive people crazy. If you are a summer/warm weather nut then you really go crazy. Rather than hibernate like a bear you should make the best of the winter. The winter months can give you a chance to slow down and develop some hobbies. Here are five winter hobby ideas that could make the winter months not so bad.

number1  Woodworking– Woodworking could be a hobby for anytime of the year but is really great for the winter time when you are inside more. A lot of woodworkers don’t do a whole lot of woodworking in the summer months because they are outside more doing yard work, gardening, beach bumming, etc… The winter forces you to stay inside more and woodworking could be your niche. Just think how proud you will be after finishing your  first project, who cares if its a lopsided rocking chair that could collapse at any minute.

number2  Winter Decorations – If you were to ask most people who don’t have lights up around the house for the holidays “Why?” I bet they would say because they don’t feel like putting them up and taking them down. Well, make that your hobby. Decorate people’s houses for them. This could be your hobby and you could make money doing it.

number3  Blogging– Bloggers are always blogging all year long, but since your going to be indoors more you could start a winter blog. You never know it could catch on and go from a winter blog to an all year blog. Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts out of your head and into writing, er, typing. If you really miss what you did during the warmer months, blog about that. Blogging has endless possibilities.

number4  Learn a New Language – This could be a really productive hobby. Learning a new language is underrated. A lot of people do not recognize how impressive it is to be bilingual or trilingual. Just think, an hour a night throughout the winter of listening to your instructional tapes and you could be speaking another language by Spring.

number5  Plan Your Spring Project – Yep, you can make a winter hobby out of planning out your Spring hobby. Of course, to take up a lot of your time in the winter, the Spring project needs to be big. Whether it’s an addition to your house or developing a nice new garden you can make planning it all out, detail for detail, your Winter hobby.