Five Video Games That Should Be Made Into Live Action Movies

gta vice cityI have long been a fan of video games. Now I’m not one of those all day all night video gamers but I do like to dabble. Everytime I am playing a game I always wonder things like “Who would be the star of this game if it were a movie?” Well, here are 5 video games that I think should be made into a movie.

number1  Grand Theft Auto – Any of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) installments would make an entertaining movie. My personal favorite would be Grand Theft Auto Vice City (just because I like any movie set in Miami). But the lates GTA installment would probably be most realistic. Still yet, watching Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas rise from being a lowly thug all the way up to king of Los Angeles, err, I mean Los Santos. The main thing the producers of the movie need to do though is stay to true to the game. And what I mean is the star of the movie should be stealing random cars throughout the city just to later dump them off wherever he feels like. All of this while having an arsenal of weapons. The star of the movie if it is Vice City should be Ray Liotta because he voiced the guy in the video game, and I think he is a great image of what they were trying to portray. If they made the latest GTA a game, the star should be Jason Statham, to me it’s a perfect match.

number2  Halo –  This movie could be a low budget, crappy film, but would still top the box office just on the name alone. A Halo movie was actually almost made once before. Peter Jackson signed on to do the movie but the plug was pulled due to the anticipation of outrageous costs. I bet when the movie is made, it will feature a bunch of unknown actors that will become superstars. Halo definitely has a lot of potential in the movie biz because it is such a huge franchise already.

number3  Gun – Gun could be a huge movie. There hasn’t seem to be to many westerns lately in the movie industry, but I think this one could really take off. I think that they should do the movie exactly as the game is done as well. The game follows Colton White, an adopted half indian, half caucasian man. In the beginning the star’s caretaker is killed in a big battle, and later on in the movie the star learns that the guy he is after for ordering the killing of his adoptive father, is the same guy who killed his mother when he was younger. Sounds like an awesome movie to me. The star should be Thomas Jane, because for one he voiced Colton White in the game, and two he was awesome in the somewhat gory Punisher, and Gun would definitely have to be gory.

number4  Blitz: The League II – The plot of this game is actually interesting, and sort of realistic. The game is centered around a football player by the name of “Franchise”. Franchise is incredibly hyped, plays both sides of the ball, and it all gets temporarily thwarted because the star has to go to prison. Hmm, sounds familiar. The thing about the plot of this game is that the star didn’t actually do anything wrong, he was set up by L.T. (Lawrence Taylor) who by the way, will have to be in the movie. The star player on the field and in the movie would have to be played by Jamie Foxx because I liked him so much in Any Given Sunday.

number5  Super Mario Brothers – I know that this movie has already been made, but in my mind, it hasn’t. The Super Mario Brothers movie was so god awful that I was actually angry about it because this is one of my favorite games ever. The second movie needs to pay tribute to all of the Mario games. Things like Mario jumping in a go-kart while Bowser chases him throwing fireballs, all while trying to avoid bannana peels in the road. The plot is there, we all know what is going to happen, but we would all still pile into the theatres to watch it.

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