Five Unique Ways to Sell Your Home

selling-your-homeSelling a home in this economy can be really tough. There are a lot of homes for sale, but the amount of people buying has gone way down.  How can you make your house stand out from the crowd without busting your wallet?  Here are some unique ways that you can help to sell your home.


number1Finish up your “Honey Do” List: We all have one. Fixing that crack in the wall, getting the hardwood floor re-done, putting in that ceiling fan that’s been in the box since 2002…you know what I mean.  Get these things finally checked off and your list and it will add to the value of your home.  This includes cleaning your house like it has never been cleaned before – like Better Homes and Gardens clean.  No dust. No clutter. No Cheetos in the sofa cushions.  Nothing says “I don’t want this house” than unfinished projects and a stack of magazines in your bathroom.


number2Fixing up the Front Lawn:  Your yard needs to be immaculate.  You have to get rid of kitschy bird bath and your bear totem pole that you got in college that the neighbors hate and pull out that edger.  Clean up the grass clippings prune that tree.  You may have a great house but a lousy yard.  How many people never get to see the inside because of that rusty swing set in the side yard?  Get in the mindset that your house is a product you are selling and realize that many consumers make purchasing decisions based on the packaging.


number3Putting it in Neutral:  You may think your Big Bird-colored-entryway is really hot, but not everyone loves bright yellow.  Make sure that you paint all of your walls to a neutral color and take down the family photos.  People want to visualize what they will do with the rooms in your home, not what you did with them.  Also, while your at it, rearrange your furniture so that it accentuates the focal point of each room as you walk into it.  If there is a beautiful view from your living room, make sure the potential homebuyer can really see it!


number4Pack it Up!: A cluttered home won’t help your chances of selling your house.  If you have clutter, pack it into a box and ship it to a storage unit until you are ready to move.  Toss out the stuff you don’t need.  Get the magnets off the refrigerator and the butler toilet paper dispenser out of the bathroom.  There should be no shampoo bottles in the shower and kitchen gadgets near the stove.  This stuff makes your house look smaller and takes away people’s vision of their own clutter.


number5Blog About Your Home:  In the age of Communication there is one more thing you can do to sell your home.  Here’s the gem of the article.  Blogging.  You can get a free blog at or and add pictures of your home, tell stories about the neighborhood (along the lines of safety and school districts, not your annoying neighbor that parks the Winnebago in his front yard all summer), and basically paint a picture of the good memories that you have created in your home.  Make sure you keep repeating important information about your house like the location, the contact information for your realtor, and the price of the home.  One thing you can learn from marketing is that the story really sells the product and if you can spin a tale about your home, people will come to see what all of the fuss is about.