Five Types Of Tourists You Are Likely To Spot

Logan Horsford: Camel Rider

This article was sent in by reader and world traveler extraordinaire, Logan Horsford. For the past few years, Logan has been traveling the world, living in hostels and “roughing it” in such places as Tibet, Nepal, Peru, Georgia, and Central America. Along the way, he has met up with some pretty fascinating people and learned a side of the world that most of us do not see. You can read more about his exploits on his blog, Logan’s Voyage, found here: Believe me when I say, it is well-worth the read! Here is a list of some of the types of tourists that Logan has identified in his globetrotting. Next time you are abroad, look in a mirror and see if one of these archetypes are staring back in the reflection!

Types of Tourists: Golden Oldie


These are the people who kept saying ‘Some day, we’ll go on vacation to a foreign country’.  Eventually, they woke up and realized they were nearly dead.  They’d put off going on a vacation for so long they now get to lug wheelchairs and oxygen bottles with them as they peer out through the world with rheumy eyes.  They’re going for their last gasp (literally) for life outside the box.


Types of Tourists: Older Professional


These aren’t the line workers – they don’t have any real vacation time.  These are the bosses pulling down real money and have a good enough job to have a couple months of vacation time.  They are often found with their middle aged fat wives or with the newer, younger, slimmer upgrade.  They enjoy treating the locals like their wage slaves and would fire many of them if given the chance.  Cutting in lines and being the ‘Ugly American’ (despite nationality) is their passion.


Types of Tourists: Youthful and Idealistic


These two things often go together because age demands compromise. There are several different categories.  They may be of the vegetarian “I can make the world a better place unlike the filthy savages that live there and obviously need white leadership” sort or just people who enjoy volunteering.  They could be students during a gap year.  Either way, they wander around wide eyed and keep their faces planted in Lonely Planet guidebooks.


Tourist Types: Fashion Hippie


I call them ‘fashion hippies’ because I’ve met actual hippies who were protesting the Vietnam War – while it was still going on.  Yes, I’m old.  The current hippies, in order to show of their unique individualism, keep to a strict uniform dress code.  Big hair whether multicolored or in dreads, piercings, tattoos and bright often native clothing festoon them with cheap native jewelry and bracelets made from string and plastic.  They either work as they can get it or more often have indulgent rich parents who are happy to get rid of them.


Tourists Types: Young, Rich, Beautiful


Where these people come from and how they get the money for traveling is a complete mystery.  They often have matching suitcases or can afford to take their small children to different countries.  The scarier versions often have the family all in matching track suits or some equally as appalling wardrobe.  In general terms, these are the jet set.