Five TV Shows or Movies That Should Be Made Into Video Games

xboxmoviereelWhile watching TV or at the movies we can never get enough. Well, if movie makers and video game makers would get together more often, we could have as much as want. Here is my list of Movies and TV shows that would make great video games.

number1  Prison Break – I have always thought it would be cool to play a video game that was about being in prison. Prison Break in video game form could have the same plot as the TV show, but then have a free range mode where you can wonder about the prison yard and recreational areas freely getting into all kinds of shananigans. But when it is time for lockup you better get back to your cell or else. Of course, the ultimate goal would be to escape from prison and then the game is beat. Roll Credits.

number2  COPS – Imagine this. Being a rookie cop and having to small jobs like arresting public drunks to routine traffic stops where you have full control over whether or not your writing a ticket. Then you move on farther into the game and you are chasing down thieves and answering domestic violence calls. As you move up higher in the departments rankings, the crimes you are called out to do become more violent and serious. Another feature the game should have is that you can name the city and department you work for and select whether it is a city or rural setting. And of course it is all set to “BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WATCHA GONNA DO?!”

number3  Forrest Gump – Ya seriously, Forrest Gump. Think about it, this game would have all you can ask for. Fending off childhood bullies, being a college football star, and then going to war and being in crazy battles. Let’s not forget about being a shrimpboat captain and running across the nation. With you at the control of all that, you cannont tell me you wouldn’t want to play that game, especially if Tom Hanks comes back to do the dialogue.

number4  Friday Night Lights – No contracts, no salaries, no 70,000 seat stadiums, just good ol’ high school football. The NCAA franchise of football games has a database with a lot of highschools from every state in their games so why can’t we have a high school football game. Features would include Recruited Star mode and School Season mode. In recruited star mode, you the player would create your own player and the game would follow you from your freshman season up until you graduate high school. You would take tests and have to go to practice and decide what to do at night, just like Road to Glory mode in NCAA football games. In School Season mode, you would select the high school from whatever state you want, and then build your players attributes through training and play the season controlling the entire team. You would have to select disciplinary actions for bad students and whatever else arises for a coach in high school football. This would be a game that would sell tons, especially if there were actual high schools in the game.

number5  The Hangover – In the game version of the movie, you would alternate, depending on the mission in the game, which character you use. The whole game is spent trying to find the groom from the bachelor party that you are too hungover to remember. The game would have to have a M for mateur rating. The game would also have to have direct lines from the movie, especially the part where Zach Galifianakis desribes Rainman, or when he asks if this was actually Caesars Palace. Ok, ok, I admit it, this might not be the best game, but I loved the movie so much that I would buy the game.

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