Five TV Shows Canceled Way Too Early

carnivaleIt makes me crazy when the networks cancel TV shows that I start watching and get really into.  Sometimes it’s due to poor ratings, and sometimes it’s because the networks feel they can make more money from less expensicve shows to produce, such as reality shows.  They do this with total very little consideration to the faithful viewers.  HBO is probably the guiltiest of this injustice.  Here’s a list of five shows that were canceled too soon and should still be running today:

number1  Over There – This FX series ran for only one season.  I was truely broken hearted when I heard the show was canceled.  The show was a weekly drama about the Iraq war.  It had strong characters and a raw and gritty storyline with realistic violence and language.  The show was a realistic look at the the war from the solier’s perspective.FX felt this was too much for the American audience at a time when the actual war was still a sensitive subject in America.  Regardless, the show had a huge faithful following even if for only one season.

number2  Rome – Another one of my favorites…Rome only lasted 2 seasons but it was hugely popular.  Rome was an extremely violent historical depiction of the Julius Ceaser era during the transition from Roman republic to autocratic empire.  I was totally hooked on this show when HBO pulled the plug due to the high cost of production. 

number3  Deadwood –  Shortly after HBO canceled Rome, they canceled another great show  – Deadwood.  Deadwood was a Western that took place in the late 1800’s in the corrupt town of Deadwood S. Dakota.  Although the show had many historical inaccuracies, it was extremely entertaining.  At least until the final episode that may have been the worst ending I’ve ever seen.  Why did HBO cancel this series?  I have no idea.  Please comment if you have any answers.

number4  Jericho –  Jericho was set in Kansas following a nuclear attack.  The show did not have the huge ratings, but it did have a very loyal fan base.  CBS decided to pull the plug the plug after the first season.  But they quickly decided to run the series for a second season after overwhelming fan support.  CBS aired another 7 episodes before actually pulling the plug for good.  They could have done a lot with this show if CBS would not have canceled it.  I think a show about a post apocolyptic world is a great concept for a TV show. 

number5  Carnivale –  Screwed again by HBO.  Carnivale was a series about a travelling carnival in 1934.  The show was dark and twisted but extremely interesting and entertaining.  I didn’t start watching until the last season, but then I was hooked.  Another big mistake by HBO.  They wonder why HBO subscriptions are down.