Five Tips to Keep Your Resume Away From the Trash

resumeIn the midst of all the layoffs that our great country is experiencing, more resumes are being sent out in hopes of finding new jobs. Before sending out your resume, you need to jump in the mind of the person who is going to be looking at it first. This person has to look at hundreds of resumes everyday, so the slightest things can get your resume thrown in the trash, even if you are the best qualified. Here are five tips to avoid having your resume thrown out.

number1  Think Back to English Class – This may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but making sure your grammar and spelling errors are corrected is imperative to having your resume looked upon. It is amazing to see how many resumes actually have spelling and grammatical errors that are not corrected by the originator. DO NOT overlook these. If you can’t make sure your resume is grammatically correct (which should be easy) then why should a hiring manager believe that you are capable of the available position.

number2  Keep it Nice and Simple – Do not go overboard and place your resume inside plastic sleeves then inside a folder with the string tie on the front of it. Most hiring managers will throw the resume out without even opening it. Remember, the personnel departments receive hundreds of resumes everyday, they do not have time to open your tightly wrapped resume.

number3  Don’t Be Too Personal – Do not include your age, race, or martial status in the resume. Most companies will trash the resume if it includes any of these. Companies can not discriminate on any of the above and having them in your resume can leave them liable for a lawsuit if they were to offer you a position.

number4  Always Have a Cover Letter – The cover letter to a resume is a very vital part of getting your resume noticed or to answer any questions within the resume. Most hiring managers will toss your resume if it is not accompanied by a cover letter. Don’t make the letter too long because the last thing you want them to do is read all day, just get what’s important into the letter.

number5  Keep Your Resume Standard– Do not try and spice up the resume. Print the resume in cream colored or white paper, and do not use crazy font, stick with Times New Roman or Arial. You are trying to get a job, not post a sign on a bulletin board for a fundraiser or party.