Five Things You Might Not Know About MyFiveBest

myFiveBestmyFiveBest is reaching a milestone this weekend and I thought it might be interesting to let our loyal readers know some of the background about this blog and offer a way to help you navigate the stories and become a bigger part of our community.  Here are the five things you might not know about us!

myfivebest -1How Did MyFiveBest Start?
The entire concept started in a coffee shop in Wadsworth, Ohio in mid-May of 2009.  I own a web design company and part of the business plan is to help smaller businesses and non-profit organizations have an option of having a web site, but not have to pay the cost that is usually associated with web development.  To do this, my business partner, Alan, and I decided to build a blog as a showcase to present to customers for what they could do if they actually worked on a blog.  The goal was also to make a little money for ourselves!

myfivebest - 2The Decision On What To Write
Part of doing a blog is that you have to write something you like.  It is said that 95% of blogs fail.  The ones that do succeed are those that write something every day.  This can seem pretty daunting, but it isn’t that difficult. I try and spend about only an hour a day coming up with something to write.  I can typically write two posts from that hour.  It just takes a bit of discipline.  We decided to choose a combination of trivia and opinion.  The idea of myFiveBest came from a game my dad and I used to play when I was a kid.  We’d play the game in the car to ward off boredom or at home.  It was a great learning experience and I loved learning the trivia.  It was also something I knew I could write a lot about.

myfivebest - 3Just The Stats
MyFiveBest has been in existence since May 21, 2009.  In that time, we’ve written nearly 1000 articles.  There is almost a new article every day with 2-3 articles written on weekend.  I can write the articles ahead of time and have them scheduled to post at the times through the week when I want them to be visible to the public (that’s how a lot of the holiday-specific ones come out).  The blog has been seen in every country in the world – except for 15.  These are mainly in Central Africa.  By the way, if you happen to have any friends living in Benin, please let them know about our blog!  We get approximately 45,000 – 60,000 people to view our blog every month and make money through the ads we post on the blog.  Can you imagine, if you own a business, to have 60,000 people walk through your door in a month?  That’s 2000 people a day!  Armed with the knowledge you know, I bet you could make a lot of money from that.  If you don’t have a business, what could you write about?  Why not sign up for myFiveBest (see the upper right hand corner of this page) and learn more about what we do and how it can help you!  You are more than welcome to write to me with questions about blogging for business, as well.  Here’s my email address:  I promise I’ll write back to you!

myfivebest - 4What Can I Do On MyFiveBest?
When building this blog, we decided that it just doesn’t have to be us writing an article.  Eventually, we hoped to get other people to write, as well.  You are more than welcome to give us a list of five items and we’ll print them (assuming you write something that is fairly family friendly).  How do you do this?  You start by coming up with an idea, then click on this link to fill out a form to write a list!  We have the right to edit the article, but you’ll get full credit for the article!  If you’ve ever wanted to have something published, here is your chance!  We’ve had kids as young as 8 years old submit articles, so I am sure that you can come up with something, too!  If you own a business or have a web site, submit that along with the article and I’ll make sure we post that, too.  What a wonderful way to get a backlink to your site!  You can also use the search button to find a topic that you are interested in.  Just type in a word and there is a good chance that we’ve written on the topic.  Oh, and one more thing!  Feel free to join us on Facebook (I love myFiveBest), Twitter (@myFiveBest), or Digg (search for DUQofURL).  We love getting new friends!

myfivebest - 5

The Future of MyFiveBest
We’ve got some really big plans for this blog.  We’ll continue to write interesting articles on a daily basis, but we’re also going to soon be launching an iPod/iPad application for you to read us on your phone/iTouch/or iPad.  That way, you’ll be able to search for articles, save them, and share them with your friends!  If starting your own blog interests you, I have a treat you’ll like. I will soon be publishing a new FREE eBook filled with links on how to start your own online blog for either your business or blogging for fun.  In this economy, we could all stand to make a little extra money and this is an easy way to do so without a huge price tag to get you going.  Plus that, how cool would it be to make money writing about something you already love to do?  Remember to sign up for our blog to find out more interesting facts and trivia and we always love hearing from our fans.  Please feel free to tell your friends, too.  We’re growing and want to thank all of you!