Five Things To Never Do On A First Date

Five Things To Never Do On A First Date

firstdateFirst dates can be really nerve racking. The slightest thing can throw the whole night out of wack and leave you looking for another first date. Some people are really picky and try to pick their date apart (to themselves) while others can be so desperate that they will try to make anything work. Well, whatever kind of date you are on, here are 5 things you should never do when on a first date.


The man or woman you are on a date with DOES NOT want to hear about your ex. Sure, they may be wondering what kind of people you have been with but they are not wanting to hear about them yet. Talking about your ex could also make the person you are on a date with think that you miss your ex, which may not be a lie because why in the world are you talking about them on the first date.



Unless it is an absolute emergency, stay off of your phone. How uninteresting you must make your date feel if you were to be talking or texting on your phone. Being on your phone is going to give your date a huge complex about themselves or about who you are talking to.



The last thing your date wants to do is take care of you because you have had too much booze. You could also end up spilling the beans on yourself as far as any skeletons you were trying to keep in your closet. Plus, you should want your date to really get to know you, not the drunken version of you. Do this and the night is shot.



This can be downright annoying. I’m sure your date wants to learn a lot about you, as you do them. This goes more for guys than women. So guys, women are not wanting to hear about how you saved a cat from a tree before the fire department got there or how you can benchpress 300 pounds.



You should never argue with your date over who is going to pay the check. To me, it should never even be a discussion. Guys, you should always pay, and never tell her the man pays, this will only anger her. Tell her you want to pay and try to make her feel as special as possible. Ladies, please let the guy pay, even if you triple what his salary is, for some odd reason it makes us feel awkward if we don’t pay.

Not every date is the same and some dates you will need to worry more about these things than others. The overall bottomline is try and be yourself, because if they don’t except that, then it is time to move on.