Five Things To Do In Honolulu

The state of Hawaii is a paradise within the United States.  This archipelago is one of our nations leading tourist attractions and you can find a lot to do in its capitol of Honolulu.  Once you’ve surfed on Waikiki Beach, you’ll want to check out some more of Honolulu’s sites.   There’s plenty to do in this city in the middle of the Pacific and here are five places you aren’t going to want to miss when you visit.

The USS Arizona Memorial
America was attacked on December 7, 1941 in a date which will “live in infamy”.  The location was at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – easy access from Honolulu, and the U.S.S. Arizona lies in the harbor where 1177 men went down on that terrible morning attack by the Japanese.  Over a million people who come to Hawaii each year visit this memorial and pay their respects to the men who gave their lives.
Aloha Tower
This marketplace is situated in Honolulu Harbor and is a hub of activity for ocean liners and tourists looking to have some fun.  With over 75 shops, restaurants, and services, Aloha Tower is close to residential areas if you plan on staying for longer than a short visit.  You can get a great Honolulu Studio Apartments within walking distance of the Tower.  For information about getting rental assistance, click here:

Honolulu Zoo
Looking for a day out in the wild? Why not take the kids to the Honolulu Zoo?  You can find the zoo between Diamond Head and Waikiki.  They are open every day except for Christmas and have group and party events available.  Here, you can see hundreds of different animals from Africa and the Pacific islands.  Why not take a day from the waves and visit this animal paradise.

Diamond Head
Diamond Head is the name of the volcanic cone just outside of Honolulu.  It is a great tourist attraction and a sight to see.  It is considered a United States monument and a hiker’s dream.  You can take a couple of hours to ascend to the rim of the volcano.  Visitors are recommended to bring water and a flashlight, since a tunnel and lots of stairs are part of the journey.  The walk is worth it, however, because once you reach the observation deck, the view of Waikiki Beach and the Pacific Ocean are postcard perfect.
Bishop Museum
This natural and cultural museum of Hawaii is actually named the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.  It is home of the world’s largest Polynesian cultural and scientific artifacts.  It also contains 3.5 million entomological specimens, making it the third largest collection in the United States.  You can reach the Bishop Museum via public transport in Honolulu and it makes for an enjoyable and educational couple of hours while you learn about the islands.