Five Things Archaeologists Told Us That Were Wrong

Who Really Did Discover America?Archaeologists have been telling us for years about how things work.  They tell us that the dinosaurs were around, died out, then came man, and so on… If this is the case, then how do these anomalies exist?  This stuff shouldn’t even be possible from what we’ve been told.  Could it be that we’ve been lied to all of our lives because some things don’t fit into the way things are “supposed to be”?  Find out about these five strange discoveries that aren’t supposed to exist:

Sandals In The Sand
In 1968, William J Meister Sr, an amateur fossil hunter, was in Antelope Springs, Utah searching for fossils.  One fossil, formed in Middle Cambrian Wheeler Shale, dated between 500 and 590 million years old and contained an impression that resembled the sole of a shoe.  Beneath the print were the fossils of two trilobites and Meister thought that this showed that the wearer of the ‘sandals’ had trodden on them, squashing them into the mud on which he had been walking.  They found slabs of mudstone that they concluded had once formed an ancient land surface.  Coming back to the site, a few weeks later, he discovered what appeared to be footprints of a human child nearby.  There have been a debates on whether the age of this footprint is what it is believed to be.  Trilobytes are marine creatures, so if the person who stepped on these would have had to be done on either the ocean floor or near a sea which existed millions of years ago.  If it is true, however, this could mean that man was walking the earth hundreds of millions of years before what has been told to us.

The Fish That Should Have Died Millions Of Years Ago
In 1938, off the southeast coast of Africa, a fishing trawler pulled up a fish like none they had ever seen from 250 feet below the Indian Ocean.  The fish was about five feet long, bright blue in color, and weighed about 125 pounds.  What made this fish unique is that while it had fins like  most any other fish, this one also had legs!  The fish lived on the trawler for four more hours and snapped at the sailors whenever they got near it.  The captain, not knowing what to make of this fish, took it to a museum curator who identified the fish as a Coelacanth – a marine creature which lived in the oceans nearly 70 million years ago and was supposed to be extinct.  The Coelacanth was supposed to have been the fish that first left the ocean to walk on land.  It was thought to have been the last of its line, yet in 1998, another of these “extinct” fish was found off the coast of Indonesia.

The First People In North America
Some people think that Christopher Columbus was the first person in North America.  However, when he got here, there was a whole civilization already here.  He called them Indians, thinking he had “found” India and the history books have stated he was the first here.  Archaeologists have long-believed the first humans in North America were a group known as the Clovis people (named after a spear point found in a mammoth in New Mexico) from about 11,500 years ago.  These people supposedly crossed a land bridge from Russia to Alaska into this continent.  The Clovis people moved south and east and eventually lived throughout North and South America.  At least is what they tell us.  There seems to be some evidence that this is not the case though.  Human artifacts have been found in Chile from 20,000 years ago.   In Virginia and Pennsylvania, human bones and tools have been uncovered dating to 15,000 years ago.  It is hard to imagine that these people were here 5-10 thousand years before man was supposed to have been first stepping onto the continent.  These aren’t isolated instances, either.  Scientists have uncovered millions of samples of people being from this time period.  This sort of throws out the land bridge theory they always tell us about…

Jews The First To The American Shores?
We were first told about Columbus. Then they switched the story to Lief Erikson as being the first European in North America.  However, how does that explain an inscription of the Ten Commandments – written in Ancient Hebrew – on a stone in New Mexico?  What’s even more amazing is that the stone dates back to 1000 BC in a writing style that is from Canaan!   Before you write this off, there is an Indian tribe in Oklahoma called the Yuchis that share some very similar festivals with Jewish holidays that have gone back to the time of Exodus.  Others claim the writings of the Minoans from pre-Ancient Greece bear a striking resemblance to the Mayan language.  Is it possible that bronze age explorers from the Middle East made it to American shores?  If so, why aren’t we told about these discoveries?  Is it because they “don’t fit” in with what we’ve already been taught?

Life On Earth?
How old is life on earth?  The planet is approximately 4.5 billion years old – at least what we can tell from carbon dating on the oldest stones we can find.  Scientists now have found fossilized life that goes back to 3.5 billion years, which is probably about the time that the atmosphere stabilized enough to allow life.  This early life was in the form of bacteria which is still around today.  Even still, this life was already complex organisms and not the one celled life that they once believed started it all.  How did it get here?  There are a couple of theories behind this.  One is that everything was right for life to start here and with the atmosphere and water already on the planet…it just started.  The other is that meteors hit the earth that had bacteria on them.  They know that this is possible.  It’s a far cry from some of the stuff they used to tell us when I was a kid.

…and science marches on…