Five Steps to Take if You Drop Your Cell Phone In Water


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It happens to us all at one point or another.  You’re in the bathroom, you reach to grab something and woops!  Your cell phone goes tumbling through space and lands in the toilet!  It’s ruined, right?  Is there anything you can do to fix the situation?  Maybe.   Most of the time, you are going to need a new phone, but in some instances, you can save it.  Below are some steps you can take if you drop your phone in the sink, put it through the washer, or worst of all – drop it in the toilet!

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cellphone11.  Stay Calm.    Remove the phone from the water.  Cell phone companies make the case tight, but it isn’t waterproof.  You’ve  only got a few seconds to retrieve the phone.  If you can, remove the battery first while it is still underwater. Batteries can cause electrical shorts that can destroy the components, so you’ll want to avoid that.  This doesn’t mean the phone is safe.  It is risky whether you remove the battery underwater or not.  NOTE:  If you dropped the phone in salt water, rinse it in fresh water.  You don’t want salt being encrusted on your dry phone and at this point, a little fresh water won’t hurt it anyway.



cellphone22. Disassemble the Phone.  If you haven’t removed the battery already, DO IT NOW.  Also, if your phone has a SIM card, remove that, as well.  Put them on a paper towel to absorb the water and pat them dry.  The SIM card is probably the place you have all of your contacts and might be worth more to you than the phone.  This only works if you are on a GSM carrier.  If you don’t know what I am talking about or don’t have a SIM card, don’t worry about it.



cellphone33. Dry Your Phone.  Pat it dry.  At this point, open up anything rubber stops and open any other slots on the phone.  You can use a vacuum to suck the water out of the phone.  DO NOT use anything that blows air (including your mouth) to try and dry the phone.  Use regular or paper towels to soak up excess water.  This is tricky, too.  You don’t want to put the vacuum ON the phone, just near it.  If you’ve ever been shocked while using a vacuum, that’s static electricity -and it can fry your phone.



cellphone44. Bury Your Phone.  Not in the ground.  Bury it in a bowl of uncooked (this is important) instant rice.  Once again, uncooked rice.  Last night’s leftovers won’t help you here.  Rice absorbs water and will do the same on your phone.  If you have access to it, bury the phone in a dessicant.  You’ve seen this stuff in the pockets of a new coat – the stuff that says, “Do Not Eat”.  You can buy more of this at your local big-chain store.  It goes by brand names such as, Damp-Rid or Dry-All.  Keep your phone buried for about 24 hours.  Yes, this means you are going to be missing some calls and text messages…but hey, you were the one who dropped it in the water.


cellphone55. If all else fails… After the 24 hours is up, put your phone back together and turn it on.  It should start right up.  If not,well…I’ve got bad news for you.  It’s gone.  You need to take it into the store where you bought it and see if they can fix it or show you the latest phone they have for sale. 

…Hopefully, though, these tips will help you in full cell phone recovery.  They do work, it just depends on the extent of the damage to the cell phone once it has been emersed in water.  For even better quality, try not to drop your cell phone in water.