Five Reasons Women Love Vampires

bradpitt_iwavVampires seem to be the hot thing these days, especially amongst women.  With the media success of shows like True Blood, series of books like Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Laurell K. Hamilton’s sexually charged, Anita Blake series, women are flocking to vampires. Why do these creatures of the night hold sway over women?  How can the ordinary mortal man compete with the unending blood-lust of these undead predators?  Here are five reasons why women love vampires and how we guys can tap into that attraction.

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number1Vampires are bad boys.  Actually, they are the ultimate bad boys.  They are animalistic predators. They are dangerous.  They are the undead guys that their mother always warned them about.  Vampires don’t need these women. They choose to be with them and this makes them more desirable.  The vampires of novels and movies are also loners.  They give off the vibe that everyone is beneath them and that if you capture their attention, then you must be important.  Women love to be wanted this way and to feel important, while ticking off their parents.  This gives vampires the edge.


number2Vampires know how to be romantic.  Well, of course they do.  They are all 150 years old or more. They’ve had plenty of time to practice their skills at picking up women.  While guys are trying to work an 8 hour day, getting stuck in traffic and mowing the lawn, these blood suckers are sleeping all day and dreaming of ways to pick up our women. A lot of them have cool accents too, which is an additional feather in their cap.  How can the normal guy compete with a guy who knows how to woo?


number3Vampires are Emo.  OK, so are the people that emulate them, but that illusion of being hurt inside is nothing compared to actually being a melancholy corpse with deep feelings and the ability to actually understand a woman’s true feelings.  These vast emotions that sweep up a vampire consumes women on a scale only romance novels can reach.  It also adds to the mystery, ‘What does he do all day in the coffin?’  The gals just need to know!


number4Vampires just look cool.  Sure they’ve been dead for years and they sleep in their coffins all day, but they know how to dress.  Whether it is Bela Lagosi in a European-cut tuxedo and opera cape or Edward Cullen in a leather jacket and jeans, vampires know that women respect a good look.  Their hair is cut the same way (it’s hard to get that shaggy look when it doesn’t grow), their clothes are neatly pressed (dead guys don’t toss and turn on the couch), and they don’t smell (the sweat glands stopped working as soon as the heart stopped beating).


number5Vampires exude power.  You’ve seen the guys with the young girls on their arm.  You ask yourself, ‘How did that old guy get to go out with her?’ It’s power and money!  The two go hand in hand.  Vampires are no different.  They are strong, have all the smarts that you’d ever want, and they can’t die.  Plus that, women know that their new vampire boyfriend is better than their ex any night of the week.  It’s all a dominance behavior that women can’t let go.  The vampire doesn’t stop.  He’s got goals, he’s got motives, and he isn’t going to sit on the couch watching the game all Sunday when he can plan on taking over mankind and making us all his evil minions.  Vampires are truly (blood type) ‘A’ personalities.