Five Reason People Think The Lunar Landing Was A Conspiracy

Moon Landing

man_on_the_moonToday marks the 40th anniversary of the day man first set foot on the Moon.  Some say the Lunar Landing on July 20, 1969 was a total hoax.  Why do these people believe it was a hoax?  The U.S. and the Soviet Union had an informal competition to see who could make the most advancements in space exploration.  Here are 5 pieces of evidence that lead conspiracy theorists to believe the Lunar Landing was a hoax:


  THE CLAIM: The stars conspicuously missing in the background of the photo’s taken on the moon.  THE RESPONSE: This may be caused by the light from the sun hitting the surface of the moon.  This could cause the surface of the moon to be too bright for the camera to capture anything in the background.



  THE CLAIM: One of the rocks in the for-ground of the photograph above has a letter “C” stamped into it.  So conspiracy theorists think it appears as though the rock may have been a prop which was accidentally out of position for the photograph.  THE RESPONSE: NASA claims the letter “C” is a photographic glitch or a hair on the camera lense.  They do not believe it to be anything more than that.



  THE CLAIM:  The American Flags appear to be flapping in the wind.  How can this be if there is no wind or breeze on the Moon? If the moon landing wasn’t a hoax why would the flag be flapping in the vaccuum of space?  THE RESPONSE:  NASA claims that the flag that was used had a wire running through it.  They were well aware of the vaccuum and knew the flag would just lie flat against the pole if they didn’t do something about it.



  THE CLAIM:  There are inconsistent shadows in the photos taken.  In fact, some skeptics point out that all the shadows are of inconsistent lengths.  The reason for this could be that artificial light was used to light an artificial stage.  THE RESPONSE:  NASA claims this is due to the rough landscape found on the moon.  Light hitting different heights of rock would cause the shadows to be of different lengths.



 THE CLAIM:  The United States government tried to trick us with wires and slow motion cameras.  Some skeptics even believe NASA has gone so far as to construct an entire movie set in which to portray the entire event.  They believe the astronauts used wires or cables along with slow motion film so they appeared to be walking through space and be lighter than our gravity here on earth.  THE RESPONSE:  Let us say that they did make a movie set to film the entire event, how is it possible for NASA to keep hundreds of people who worked on the event, plus the news media and everyone else for keeping it all a secret for forty years – including the astronauts and people in the control center? 


Personally, I believe without a doubt that we did land on the moon on July 20, 1969.  I think the arguments and claims made by the consipacy theorists are interesting, but very weak.  Too many people were involved that stood the chance to gain from breaking an elaborate lie.  The Russians, who were also working towards the same goals would have called the hoax if it were not real.  They wouldn’t have let the Americans get away with this lie.