Five Presidential Lies That Led Us To War

Throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries governments have used lies to get their people to enter into war. For some reason, it is often hard to get young men to give up the lives they know, drop everything and enter what is basically Hell.  It is important for leaders to spin a story and build a strong esprit de corps amongst a nation’s youth.  While this is not always the case, it did happen quite a bit during the last century.  Here are five Presidential Lies That Led Us To War!


In Cuba, the 1898 sinking of the battleship Maine brought the US into war with Spain. The people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines were in revolt against the crumbling Spanish empire. Republican President William McKinley sent the battleship Maine into Havana harbor where it suddenly blew up, killing 266 American sailors. Spain was blamed by the media, specifically William Randolph Hearst who was the Rupert Murdoch of his day. Because of the Spanish-American War, the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines. However, the lie was that the Maine, which was the American battle-cry of the war, wasn’t blown up by the Spanish and McKinley knew about it at the time. Even the Captain of the Maine said that the Spanish didn’t blow up the ship. The real culprit was a fire in the coal bins on the ship that set off the gunpowder on the ship. Because of this war, Teddy Roosevelt (who was outspoken on U.S. involvement in the war) became a national hero and later won the presidency.

myfivebest - 2WOODROW WILSON (WORLD WAR 1)

During World War 1, the United States did whatever they could to stay out of the conflict. This worked pretty well until 1915 when a German U-Boat blew up the British ship, the R.M.S. Lusitania. Woodrow Wilson, who wanted the United States in the war, stated that “the Huns” (i.e. the Germans) were evil and violated international laws by killing innocent Americans.  Of the 1198 people killed on the ship were 118 Americans.  The Germans argued that the ship was carrying weapons and that they had the right to blow the ship up.  To be fair, they ran an ad in American newspapers warning American citizens not to book passage on the ship because they were going to blow it up (war was obviously more civilized then).  This did not stop Wilson from screaming bloody murder.  However, the American people demanded the U.S. stay out of the war because they felt the only people who would benefit from joining in the fight would be bankers and industrialists.  Wilson, who was running for re-election, agreed not to go to war.  In fact, he even ran on the slogan, “He Kept Us Out Of The War“.  However, as soon as he won the election in 1916, Wilson turned around and sent America to war in 1917, using the Lusitania as the reason (which had sunk 2 years earlier) as the reason we would fight.  More than 100,000 Americans were killed in the conflict.  Because of America’s involvement in the war, the Nazi party rose to power in Germany. Deep sea recovery units, led by Dr. Robert Ballard (the guy who found the Titanic), found the Lusitania off the coast of Ireland in 1993. In her cargo were weapons and ammunition sent by the United States to Britain and signed by U.S. customs.  The Germans were not lying when they said they did not violate international law.


The attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) by the Empire of Japan was a terrible surprise attack that left thousands of American sailors and marines dead and crippled our Pacific fleet forcing America into World War 2.  That’s the story we are told, but is it true?  Not according to new evidence about how much Franklin Roosevelt knew.  This new information shows that Hawaiian Naval command was given the wrong information about Japanese ship movements, telling commanders that negotiations with Japan were still going (which they were not), explaining that Japan was on radio silence as they came across the Pacific (they were not on radio silence and their codes had already been broken), and provoking an attack with the Japanese Empire.  But why would FDR do this?  Why would a president cause the deaths of so many young Americans?  The answer lies on the other side of the world.  Roosevelt wanted Hitler to go to war with the United States.  By provoking Japan, Germany’s ally, war in Europe was guaranteed.  Because of the attack Pearl Harbor, Congress voted to declare war, and over 418,000 Americans lost their lives.


In 1964, the United States was already involved in Vietnam, acting as military advisers for South Vietnam. By August of that year, there were two alleged attacks by the North Vietnamese on American ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.  Lyndon Johnson, who was campaigning on peace, used the incident to get Congressional approval to send in troops.  By 1967, there were over 500,000 soldiers sent to Vietnam. The Vietnam war isolated an entire generation of Americans, stopped American prosperity, and destroyed the views of Americans towards politics.  The real tragedy, however, was that the Gulf of Tonkin incident probably didn’t happen.  According to then-Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, the firing on the U.S. ships didn’t happen.  They may have taken some random gunfire, but there was no danger of sinking a vessel and certainly not a reason to lead America into a 9-year war.

myfivebest - 5GEORGE W. BUSH (IRAQI WAR)

The incidents that have occurred to get America involved in the Iraqi war are well-documented.  The fear following the 911 attacks prompted Congress to agree to attack Iraq.  According to President George W. Bush, Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.  While most countries refused to follow us into war (most notably France and Germany), Britain stood by our nation on the claims that there were nuclear facilities going up in Iraq and they were seeking to buy Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger. This was a flat out lie.  The White House already knew the story was fabricated in Italy 10 years prior to them using it as a method of going to war.  There was no contact with al Qaida or its agents, either.  Additionally, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found and all aerial surveillance that suggested otherwise was sold to the Iraqis BY THE BRITISH.  The entire premise of going to Iraq because they were a danger to Americans was a lie. Ten years later, America is in financial ruin because of the cost of the Iraq War.  What is worse, 4400+ Americans lost their lives with over 33,000 U.S. wounded.