Five Players We Love To Hate

owensAs sports fans we love nothing more than to root on our favorite team. Nothing is sweeter than the sound of an announcer saying that your favorite player scored a touchdown, or hit a homerun. Well, as much as we love to root for our teams and players, we also love to hate teams and opposing players. Here are five players that people love to hate.

number1  Terrell Owens – Most NFL fans love it when T.O. acts up. They love to say told you so Eagles, or Cowboys. Owens is on the downside of his career but until this year was one of the best receivers in the league. The good years that he had in Dallas made most NFL fans cringe (not only is T.O. hated, but the Cowboys are a love/hate team as well). Terrell Owens’ constant whining and complaining has pushed coaches, players, and administrations to their knees and the fans can’t stand him for it. We will NOT get our popcorn ready.

number2  Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter – If you are not a fan of the Yankees then you are most likely a fan of hating the Yankees. With hating the Yankees comes hating their players, and the two players that are almost bigger than baseball are A-Rod and Derek Jeter. People hate Derek Jeter because he has been the cornerstone of the Yankees organization for years, and he always seems to come through when they need him. On top of always being in the news for dating beautiful women. A-Rod on the other hand is hated merely because he is arguably the greatest player in the game, but plays for one of the most hated teams in the league. When it came out that he used PED’s it only intensified hatred for A-Rod. Personally, I am an A-Rod fan and couldn’t be happier that he has finally shook his post-season demons.

number3  Kobe Bryant – Kobe is one of those players that you love or hate. He is arguably the best player in the NBA and he could possibly go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Kobe wasn’t one of the athletes that people love to hate until he started crying about sharing the spot light with Shaq. Then after the Lakers gave him his way and got rid of Shaq, he cried about the rest of the team and then requested a trade then withdrew his request. Kobe is a diva, but it is over looked because of his tremendous talent on the hard court. Throw in the rape allegations and Kobe gives NBA fans that aren’t fans of the Lakers many reasons to dislike him.

number4  Jeff Gordon – Gordon is one of the best drivers in NASCAR and people can’t stand him. The main reason is because he just doesn’t fit the profile of a NASCAR driver. Jeff is the pretty boy of the sport. It seems that he would rather have wine over beer, or wear dress pants over blue jeans and that just doesn’t fit the profile that NASCAR fans have put on their drivers. Gordon has also developed a reputation as being a crybaby. It seems that he can wreck people all he wants but as soon as somebody gives him a bump, Whaa! Whaa! Whaa! Also, if you get into a rivalry with any Earnhardt, consider yourself hated.

number5  Brock Lesnar – Many believe that Lesnar has disgraced the UFC. Lesnar seems to still think that he is still in the WWE and that everything is a soap opera. Here’s the thing, if Lesnar didn’t have his size advantage he would not have near the skill to compete in MMA. Most of the fans know this and this is why we love to hate him. Yes, I have to include myself because I really do not like Brock, at all.