Five Old Wives’ Tales That Turned Out To Be True

[ReviewAZON asin=”075243991X” display=”inlinepost”]Remember when your mom told you you couldn’t go swimming for a half hour after you eat?  Turns out she was right!  While we may think that some of the stories we’ve heard are not based on medical fact, others are very real.  That being said, you can’t make your eyes crossed forever by making funny faces and cracking your knuckles won’t give you arthritis!   In the list below are five of these “rules” that mom taught us that you should listen to:


Probably not something that everyone had to hear, but if diabetes runs in your family, you might want to look into this.  A couple of tablespoons of vinegar with each meal can lower your blood sugar.  “Scientific studies over the past 10 years show benefits from vinegar consumption,” says Carol Johnston, Ph.D., head of the nutrition department at Arizona State University, Tempe. While it may not stop diabetes, the benefits to Type 2 diabetics is significant in controlling sugar levels.  How does it do it?  Vinegar has acetic acid in it which allows certain carbohydrates to pass through the body without being absorbed.  Carbohydrates turn into sugar and keep your levels down.

myfivebest - 2AN APPLE A DAY…

If you are looking to keep the doctor away, you have two options following this old wives’ tale.  You can either throw the apple at him or you can eat an apple every day.  It turns out that the high levels of phenolics contained in apples work as a potent antioxidant that can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.  Also, recent studies out of Cornell University have shown that apples may also help in slowing down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.



I first heard this story when I was a kid.  If you place a bar of soap in your bed, under the bottom sheet, you can stop leg cramps.  A quick look at will tell you this is an undetermined myth, however, hundreds of people claim that this method not only will stop leg cramps at night, but will also help you cure Restless Leg Syndrome.  Doctor’s claim there is no harm in trying this and people who use the method say to place the soap near your legs and change the bar every 6 months – the effects wear off!  It’s a cheap remedy if it works.



Nobody likes to eat the end-piece on a loaf of bread.  Kids like to have the crust cut off.  As luck (or unluck) would have it, that crust is actually the best part of the bread for you.  According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the crust of the bread actually contains eight times the antioxidants of any other part of the bread.  What this means is that if you are going to eat bread, you should get the crusty kind.


Chicken soup is good when you are sick.  It is definitely a comfort food.  But is there any benefits to this myth?  In fact, there are!  The soup should be homemade, since many canned vegetable soups contain a lot of sodium.  Aside from that, there is protein in the chicken, antioxidants in the vegetables, and the broth is good for getting you liquids.
This story is not based on anything recommended by the FDA because they cannot control the amount of what you are taking.  It is not to be used instead of medication and you should always consult your doctor before starting any medical regimen.