Five New Faces Of True Blood

True Blood, the HBO vampire series based on the books by Charlaine Harris is set to start its third season on June 13th at 9:00pm.  This season, we will see many new faces to the line up.  Some of them appear in the books, while others are a result of creator, Alan Ball’s genius.  If you are a fan of the show, make sure you look for these fresh, new, undead faces to the third season.

Alcide Herveaux
The town of Bon Temps will be welcoming werewolves to it’s borders this year.   Alcide Herveaux is one such werewolf who will tempt Sookie Stackhouse with his animalistic charms.  The character, played by Pittsburgh-native and actor Joe Manganiello (How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill), will help Sookie search for the missing Bill, who apparently was kidnapped in the last episode of Season 2.  Will this were bring out the animal in Sookie as he helps her look for her lost love?  We’ll find out in Season 3 because Manganiello will be in five of the episodes.

Debbie Pelt
No romance is worth it’s salt unless there is some conflict.  Enter Debbie Pelt, a shape shifter, like Sam Merlotte, who has her claws dug into Alcide Herveaux.  You can bet she doesn’t like Sookie sniffing around her man and there is guaranteed to be some anger-management issues when these two butt heads.  Debbie Pelt will be played by Brit Morgan (from the short-lived ABC Family show, The Middlemen) who is a little bit psycho and a whole lot murderous.

Tommy Mickens
This season we will see a new character introduced that doesn’t appear in the books.  Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) is Sam Merlotte’s half-brother.  Last season, we saw Sam in search of his long-lost family and this year we get to meet them!  In the books, it is known that Sam has a mother, father, brother, and sister – but Alan Ball doesn’t like to stick with the rules.  Tommy is a half-brother who also appears to have the same problem as Sam.  We don’t know what he likes to turn into, yet, but it will only be a matter of time, because Allman shows up throughout this entire season!

Franklin Mott
Bring on the fangs with this mysterious vampire that will seduce the heels off of Tara Thornton.  Franklin Mott (James Frain) meets Tara when she’s confronted by some racist rednecks. Although we know Tara can give as good as she gets, Franklin swoops in to come to her aid, drawing her attention.  That’s a little different from the books – and he isn’t as described in the books, but Alan Ball looks like he may have taken this vampire one step further.  We’ll have to wait for the new season to see what other changes have occurred.

Russell Edgington
All hail the King of Mississippi!  This 2700 year old vampire, played by Denis O’Hare is supposed to be the epitome of pure evil.  We do know that his lover, Talbot, will not be a human in the series, but a vampire that has been with him for 700 years.  The books describe Russell as “the perfect Southern gentleman”, while the show mythology will go further and reveal that Russell is a Celt who was turned around 800 B.C., but now affects the accent and mannerisms of a Southern gentleman.  They are definitely going to make changes to his character, so I can’t wait to see what they do!