Five More Hot Blogs

bloggingI am an online marketer by trade and a lot of the blogs I read typically relate to that industry.  However, I have a list of my favorite blogs that I can’t do without.  All of them are top-notch blogs that offer great information.  Blogging has become so important in today’s internet marketing and society.  It gives us a platform to promote our thoughts and teaches us tips and tricks.  The following list of five blogs are ones I go to on a regular basis, if not everyday.

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number1Five Blogs Before Lunch

I love this blog.  It is business blog written by David Allen Ibsen who throws a witty look at marketing and business.  The topics can be about anything business-related and sometimes seem as random as people’s shopping patterns.  The stuff on this blog is fun to read and is followed by a lot of people that own their own blogs – like myself.


This is a blog for men.  It talks about the next new gadgets and toys that men want.  Uncrate doesn’t stop there, though.  Whether you are looking for entertainment, cool clothing, or anything you can think of – Uncrate has reviewed it and can sell it to you right from this blog.


number3Duct Tape Marketing
This was one of the first blogs I ever started reading.  Written by John Jantsch, who wrote the book of the same name for small business, this blog is insightful to the small businessman, offering articles on marketing plans, getting people through the door, how to utilize your time to maximize your dollars and so on…If you own your own business, you should be reading this blog.


number4Seth’s Blog
This is another one of my favorite marketing blogs – this one by guru and author, Seth Godin.  I have to admit, I’ve read every book Seth Godin has put out, am a huge fan of his social network, Squidoo, and his line of thinking. I catch myself coming back to this blog day after day.


OK, I am not a serious gamer like some people, but I use this site as a reference when I am heading out to buy a new game.  They review games from everything from console games to your PC to your iPhone.  They also offer industry news if you are looking for upcoming details on your favorite games.  If you like electronic games of any sort, this blog will keep you in the loop.

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