Five MLB Teams That Are Hard On Their Fans

Following up yesterday’s loser football teams post, let’s jump into baseball. Baseball is America’s past time, but for fans of many of the teams, their team is way past time on bringing home a World Series trophy. With my team (Texas Rangers) I would be happy with a playoff appearance. Unlike the NFL, when a baseball team is doing bad, the stadiums are eerily quiet and empty. It is amazing how low the attendance can be in some of these ballparks when teams aren’t doing so hot. Here is a look at five MLB teams who rarely get “it” together enough to please their fans. 

Pittsburgh Pirates (.504 Winning %)
The Pirates have actually won 5 World Series and 9 pennants. They are 1 of only 11 active teams with an overall winning record for their franchise’s history. Those 2 things are great, however it is what they have done lately that lands them on this list. They have not been able to put a winning team on the field in 17 years, and this year will be no different. The Pirates don’t even look like they are even on their way to being a good team. Hey, at least Pittsburgh fans have the Steelers and the Penguins to look forward too every eyar.

Chicago Cubs (.514)
Yet another team on here with a winning % over .500. The Cubs are on this list because they have the distinction of being the owners of the longest championship drought by any team in North America….in any sport! Yep, the Cubbies haven’t won a championship in 102 years. To throw salt on the wound, the Cubs are a very large market team and have a high payroll. The Cubs are a classic, beloved team that attracts many outstanding players, they just can’t seem to muster a championship. Between the the Billy Goat Curse, and fans like Steve Bartman, the Cubs may never win another World Series.

Texas Rangers (.470)
The Rangers have the third worst winning % among all active teams and have only been to the post season 3 times since the start of the franchise in 1961. The Rangers are known for great hitting and poor pitching, which is their demise year after year. It seems that the Rangers are in contention every year until the August heat breaks the pitchers down and the team begins to falter. What’s even worse about the Rangers and their playoff woes is that the 3 time they made it, they have been booted in the first round by the Yankees. In fact, the Rangers have only won 1 playoff game. Furthermore, the Rangers only scored 1 run in the entire series the last time they made the playoffs (1999). Who knows if the Rangers will ever even sniff the 2nd round of the playoffs, as a fan I’ll keep the faith.

Milwaukee Brewers (.474)
Like the Rangers, the Brewers have only made the playoffs 3 times (81, 82, 08). What puts the Brewers lower on this list is that they have actually had success in the playoffs by winning a pennant. The main reason the Brew Crew is on this list is because they went from 1982 to 2008 between playoff appearances. Even worse, during that span they only came close to making the playoffs twice. That is a lot of heart ache for Milwaukee fans and don’t let 08 fool you, they are back to underachieving.

Cleveland Indians (.510)
Yes the Indians have 2 World Series and yes they have won 5 pennants. The reason the Indians are on here is because of 1) the heart breaking defeats they have had in the post season, and 2) their inability to hang on to their stars. In 2008, the Indians led the Boston Red Sox 3-0 in the ALCS but guess what happened next. The Indians blew the series and lost 4-3. In 1997, with the World Series tied at 3 games a piece, the Indians had a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the 9th inning and blew the lead by giving up 1 run. Then, in the bottom of the 11th, the Indians committed an error that allowed a runner to advance into scoring position. Three batters later the Marlins were celebrating their 1st World Series title. The Cleveland Indians are also known for developing awesome talent, and then paying them the money they want so they instead trade them away for prospects, a move that always infuriates fans. Most recently the Indians traded away back to back Cy Young award winners in back to back season. On top of everything else, the Indians have only made the playoffs 10 times in their 108 year history, that is not a very good stat if you ask me.

The Orioles of late could have possibly made this list, but Orioles fans did get to enjoy Cal Ripken Jr.