Five Life Lessons MMO’s Taught Me

The Gamer's FridgeOnce again, we welcome guest blogger Niki Casselberry of The Gamer’s Fridge. Niki is an expert PC gamer and accomplished chef.  Today, she writes for us about online gaming.  If you are looking for online recipes that are featured in computer games, check out her blog!

The subject of gamers has been taboo in our world for far too long. So many of us are ashamed to admit we log on and play video games in our off time. I’m going to change that. I’m a gamer and I am proud. Here is a list of five life lessons that MMO’s (Massive Multi-player Online) games have taught me.



I’m an officer in my guild. (Go ahead and chuckle, I don’t mind.) I organize a group of ten people. I hand out job assignments, assign teams; I give verbal cues on what is coming and what to do next. If something goes wrong I am expected to pull it together. I learn about the job at hand, I do my best to understand all that needs to happen; I realize the strengths and weaknesses of my teammates. I give them jobs that they are good at and jobs that they aren’t because growing and learning new things makes you and us better.



My teammates consist of people from other countries, all age groups, social standings and different lifestyles. I can bring us all into the same room and accomplish something. When an argument happens and it will. (Everyone has a bad day and is snappy or upset upon occasion.) I handle it quietly and quickly. I listen to their complaints or concerns and do my best to compromise. I understand people want to walk away for a discussion knowing their wants and concerns have been heard. The government can’t even do that.


myfivebest - 3WORKING TOGETHER…

…even when I don’t really like you. Do you like everyone you work with? Chances are you are not going to see eye to eye with everyone you play with either. People have strong opinions, ideals and voices. Accepting them for who they are takes a big person. I understand they are husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, moms and dads. Their choices, lives and beliefs are just as valid as mine.



“You’re doing a great job!” “Well Done.” I like it said to me why not say it to others. Positive reinforcement gives players the sense of accomplishment, pride, and fellowship. All these elated feelings lead to generosity, camaraderie and productivity. You will have happy guild mates who want to do better, try new things and get along with each other. Happy people worry less about making mistakes and consequently make fewer mistakes.


myfivebest - 5BEING PREPARED

Being relied on is nice; it’s job security. If people need you, you will always have a team. What I have learned is being prepared makes people want to work with you. Team leaders are busy passing out orders and organizing that having someone already know what they need to do and prepared to do it. Is a relief. Even more of a relief, is when things go wrong and one person or several people do some quick thinking to make it all come together. When you don’t have to lead everything is when you have become a good leader.


So be kind to your fellow gamer. You may be relying on their in-game skills in real life.