Five Key Players in the World Series

pitchers_world+series+As the World Series between the New York Yankees gets underway tonight, there is a laundry list of star players to talk about. Story lines like A-Rod playing in his first World Series, or can Cole Hamels return to last year’s post season form are a couple that come to mind. I have tried to sort through all of these star players and here are the five key players that could make or break this World Series.

number1  Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod has finally appeared from his post season disappearing act. He has been on a tear throughout the post season and the Yankees will be looking for him to continue, especially if Mark Teixeira continues to slump at the plate.

number2  Cliff Lee – The Phillies are relying on Lee to keep the Yankees dynamite offense off balance and off the scoreboard. Lee’s keep ya’ guessing style could prove to be the difference in the games that he pitches. He will be the game 1 starter opposite of C.C. Sabathia, which brings me to……

number3  C.C. Sabathia – This is what the Yankees brought him here for, to be the #1 guy for years to come. Well, C.C., it is your first year and you have a chance to get the Yanks started off in the World Series. As mentioned above, Sabathia will be facing off against former teammate Cliff Lee in game 1 and has the potential to face off again later in the series. It must stink to be an Indians fan and watch your past two aces squaring off against each other for other teams in the World Series.

number4  Brad Lidge – The Phillies are going to need Lidge big time if he is put in save situations. With the match-up of these teams, it is highly likely that he will be put in to save some games. The scary thing for Lidge is that he is facing the most dynamic offensive lineup in baseball and a 3 run lead is nowhere near being safe. So Lidge, you better bring your A game.

number5  Mariano Rivera – Rivera is possibly the greatest closer ever. The Yankees will need him now more than ever facing a very potent Phillies offense. Same as the Yankees, a 3 run lead against the Phillies is never safe even if it is the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. Rivera WILL be called on to close out games and get the Yankees their 27th ring.

Here is my prediction for the World Series. Yankees take the first 2 games. Phillies then win 1 followed by the Yankees closing it out with 2 more wins to win it all in 5 games.