Five Industries That Benefit From The Stimulus Plan

stimulusWe have the promise of $787 billion to help stimulate the American economy.  But how will you benefit from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the actual title of the stimulus plan)?  Well, if you are in one of these careers, then you should have a good chance of directly being involved with getting some of that cash.  While, these jobs aren’t for everyone, imagine how the added influx of jobs will help the restaurant business, clothing stores, housing markets, etc…it isn’t just about these five job industries, but also the other areas that people work.  See if you can benefit from the list below:

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number1Construction:  This is, by far, the largest area to be affected with the stimulus plan.  Obama’s plan is to help stabilize the nation’s infrastructure.  If you don’t believe we need it, you must be forgetting the blackout the eastern half of the country suffered in August, 2003 from its facility in Akron, Ohio.  And don’t forget the bridge collapse in Minneapolis two years ago or the fact that the South is paralyzed if we get a cold snap in February and they get an inch of snow or ice.  The country’s infrastructure needs fixing and this portion could save or create 1.85 million jobs.  Not a hardhat sort of person?  What about all of the accountants that will need to be hired, the people who set up construction proposals, the office help, and the companies that help to support the construction industry?  Think about it, there might be a job there for you.


number2Education: If you are a teacher, how can you not like this portion of the stimulus bill?  The bill proposes to give a $53.6 billion dollar stabilization to help states avoid more cut-offs.  Also, they want to promote the hiring of more teachers and special programs and extra-curricular activities that have fallen by the wayside in these economic times.  In addition to new teachers, look for it also to help the book, clothing, uniform, athletic, and paper industries.


number3Medical Technology: There are huge opportunities in this industry.  As the nation moves to using more computers, doctors need to keep up on changes and advancements to keep us healthy. There are more people that need medical treatment as the “baby boomers” come of age and obesity is everywhere. Problems with drug interactions can be avoided with better information and the stimulus plan realizes this need to the tune of $19 billion for updating health information.  Who benefits?  Computer programmers and educators, plus new medical personnel to use this equipment.


number4Green Companies: Everyone is going green and the government wants to promote this.  As car companies search for a better way to create a hybrid car and homes are shrinking their carbon footprint, America is trying to avoid the $4 gallon of gas and the rising heating and cooling costs.  The stimulus package proposes to give money to these companies that are accomplishing the reduction of energy expenditure.  People affected by this are energy companies and their workers, construction companies, architects, HVAC businesses, manufacturers and more.


number5The Government: The stimulus package costs a lot and government is growing.  When this happens, the government needs to hire more government workers.  If you have the skill set to work in a government position, there is likely to be a job for you to help accommodate all of these changes.  People that can find work will be lawyers, legal aids, administrators, clerical workers, and customer service people.