Five Halloween Party Games For Adults

Halloween GamesEvery year, we have a Halloween Party for our friends.  Typically, this goes pretty well and I enjoy putting on a game for our friends.  We usually include a game that deals with some sort of mystery or Halloween theme to it, yet make it adult enough to keep our friends entertained.  There is nothing wrong with a typical drinking party, but they get old.  Having a party game gets everyone the chance to know each other and interact.  It also keeps people out of the corner and socializing.  The next time you are planning a Halloween party, consider one of these games to add to the fun.
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myfivebest -1CLUE

We played this a couple of years ago.  Basically, we turned our house into a giant game of clue.  At the beginning of the evening, Mr. Body is found dead and it is up to the teams to find out who did it, in what room, and with what weapon.  Three cards are placed in an envelope detailing the crime.  People were split up into six teams each represented by a color in the game.  There were six weapons and we used nine rooms or areas in our home to represent the Clue mansion. In each room or area there were three cards face down; one for the room, one for the weapon, and one for the team who killed Mr. Body.  The team would enter the room, pull one card, and mark it off their game sheet and then replace it in the pile.  Since there are more rooms than there are weapons, blank cards were mixed in with the rest.  Teams are only allowed to pick one card from each room, then they must leave and go to another room.  They can come back at a later time.  The goal is to be the first team to deduce the crime.  You can guess at any time, but if you guess wrong, you’re out of the game.

The Teams are: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, White, Red and four blank cards.
The Weapons are: Knife, Rope, Wrench, Gun, Candlestick, Pipe and four blank cards.
You can choose the nine rooms to fit your home.
Three cards with a Team Color, Weapon, and Room (with actual pictures on them) are placed in the sealed envelope.
Here is a PDF of the Game Sheet:


myfivebest - 2SCAVENGER HUNT

I love scavenger hunts.  I don’t know if they always love me?  I dropped over dead at the one we had in 2009!  Literally.  Read about that here: .  I typically use a theme to go along with the scavenger hunt.  For instance, the one I threw in 2009 was based off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  All of the items needed to be found were from their past skits.  For instance, on the list you had to find cows, a witch, and of course, the Holy Grail.  Additionally, we had games to play to get clues.  You had to best the black knight, solve riddles, and toss a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.  What you place in your scavenger hunt is up to you.  People will love it no matter what.  Just don’t die!


myfivebest - 3OLD HALLOWEEN MAID

Did you ever play Old Maid as a child?  The game is pretty simple, but the implementation of it can be a bit of a chore.  You try to pair up cards in a round robin to get sets.  For instance, Card A is paired with Card B.  However, Card B is paired with Card C…and so on.  This can be to any theme.  As an example: Superman might be looking for Batman, while Batman is looking for Robin, who is looking for… You want to have enough cards so that each of your guests will potentially have 6 sets.  When the game starts out, every one gets an equal number of cards.  They can match their own pairs and put them in their pocket.  Then, they have to go out and find the other cards.  They walk up to a person and ask for a card.  The person must look through their loose cards and tell them if they have the card or not.  If they do, they must give the card to the player asking.  If they do not have it, then they get to choose one card from the other players hand (at random).  You do not have to give up a card that you have already paired with another.  The player with the most pairs of cards at the end of the game wins.


myfivebest - 4TEMPT THE FATES

This is a game of Truth or Dare with a twist.  Take a large fishbowl and place it in a prominent spot in the house.  In the fishbowl you place slips of paper with either a truth or a dare or a prize on the paper.  When a person wants to “Tempt The Fates” they must take a drink of punch or your favorite Halloween beverage, then reach into the bowl and do whatever the paper instructs them to do.  The paper may send them on a quest, such as “Seek Out The Vampire and Perform A Belly Dance For Him”, it may ask you to “Sing ‘I’m A Little Teapot‘ with the hand motions” or even “Go To The Dark Mistress To Claim Your Reward” (this is usually a small gift card or prize).  The point of the game is that you aren’t forcing the participants to play in the game, but you encourage them as they watch their friends forced to do stupid tricks.  Make a big deal out of the fact someone is Tempting the Fates and watch the laughs begin!


myfivebest - 5BODY TAG

Body Tag is a game of manipulation.  Each person playing the game is given five body tags with the same word or phrase on it (i.e. JACK O’ LANTERN).  The key is to trick another person into saying the word or phrase while you are talking to them.  If they say what is on your body tags, then they must give you one of their own.  The game lasts for one hour and at the end, prizes are given out to those who have collected the most body tags.  You get two points for every body tag you collect and you lose one point for each body tag that you have lost.