Five Halloween Costumes For Big People

Halloween Costumes for Heavy PeopleIt’s almost time for Halloween and it is hard to find a good costume for a big people.  Like most clothes, in general, costume manufacturers make outfits for the “normal sized” person.  What’s a big person to do?  While there are some online stores that do offer plus-sized costumes, these are some options to go with if you want to be unique.  Everyone should be able to share in a night of trick or treating once a year and these costumes will help you be both topical and able to embrace your inner creativity!  Feel free to share your own ideas.

myfivebest -1Alice After Wonderland
Let’s face it.  Wonderland is a really screwed up place!  If you saw Tim Burton’s version of the Lewis Carroll classic, you’ll know why Alice had some issues later on in life!  No wonder she’s put on a little weight, maybe picked up a heroin habit, and is twitchy around people.  To build this costume, you’re going to need a blonde wig with dark roots, smeared eyeliner, and the classic blue and white Alice in Wonderland dress.  Accent the outfit with needle marks on your arm, a whiskey bottle or flask, and a stuffed bunny rabbit.  Think children story meets old bar fly for the proper feel.

myfivebest - 2Mr. Bubbles
What kid didn’t like a bubble bath?  As adults a bubble bath can conjure up all sorts of different connotations, but as a kid, there was just Mr. Bubbles.  To pull off this larger-than-life costume, you need a pink or white sweatsuit, a lot of small, round balloons (also in pink and white – mix them up) taped to the front.  For accessories, you can add a rubber ducky, soap-on-a-rope, or a back scrubber.  If you are feeling really ambitious, you could also attach a small plastic bathtub to your back (like a turtle shell) and hang it from your shoulders.

myfivebest - 3The Ex-Jock
Old football players don’t die, they just fade back and sit on the couch.  The ex-jock costume can be used for men or women and is perfect for sitting around at Halloween parties where you can drink beer and eat chips!  It’s already part of the costume!  This outfit would look great with a tight high school jersey, some shoulder pads, a little dark under eye make up and your favorite witches’ brew.  Make sure you wear old sweat pants to give that real couch potato look.  Any party you go to should provide plenty of accessories for the outfit, but no one would blame you if you wore a giant, foam finger…

myfivebest - 4Jack O’ Lanterns
It’s Halloween.  Pumpkins are always in fashion and this is one of the easiest costumes that you can make if you are a little pudgy around the middle.  This costume involves an orange t-shirt, some black felt, some scissors and glue.  Not only does it take very little time to put it together, but it’s pretty cheap, as well.  You cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth from the black felt and glue them onto the front of the orange t-shirt to create the face of the Jack O’ Lantern.  You can then wear brown pants and a green winter hat on your head.  If you want to get technical, you can add a green vine and leaves to the collar of the outfit to look.  The bigger you are, the better your pumpkin!

myfivebest - 5A Bonfire
This is a creative costume that can make you the center of any Halloween Party.  Bonfires are synonymous with Halloween, so the outfit is perfect for any Fall party.  What you want to do with this outfit is to wear a gray sweatshirt and brown pants.  Around your waist, you’ll want to make a belt of branches and twigs.  A brown towel would work, too, but the branches and twigs add to the realism.  Next, you want to put orange, red, and yellow strips of cloth on the sweatshirt to represent fire.  You can glue these onto your sweatshirt or  just pin them on.  Making them flow a little bit will add to the outfit, too.  On your head, make a crown of orange, red, and yellow construction paper to look like more fire.  If you are going in a group theme, you can have your friends dress up like campers and “roast” marshmallows and wienies “on you“!